Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lebanon On UN Security Council

Informal comments to the Media by the Permanent Representative of Lebanon, H.E. Mr. Nawaf Salam, following the election of the five non-permanent members of the Security Council.


  1. Wow, was he nervous !!! His memorised text was the regular boiler plate variety that is common under such circumstances but why couldn't he answer any questions. What was afraid of?
    I am forced to say that this was much less than a stellar performance.

  2. davidp3:32 AM

    I'm wondering what government the Lebanese representative on the Security Council will represent ? With the cabinet negotiations seemingly deadlocked, and Hezbollah demanding vetoes over everything, or else it will rampage through Beriut more, who will appoint and instruct the representative ?

  3. Right now there's a custodian government (headed by Fouad Siniora) that he reports to.


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