Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dietary Victory!

Let me be the first to declare Lebanon's "dietary victory" over the [imperialist] Zionist attempt to invade, occupy and annex the culinary terrain of the brave Lebanese nation.

Behold the internationally recognized achievement we have attained.

Read it and weep vile enemy, not one but two Guinness World Book of Records-setting dishes of savory goodness. Double-dip you shall not in the bowl of our righteousness!

Let this be a warning, any arm outstretched towards our falafel - or any other honorable dish - will meet the same shredded fate of the parsley laid before you.

Consider yourselves and your delirious claims annihilated!!

Photos courtesy of Full story at Babylon & Beyond, background post here and here.


  1. It is rather ironic that so many Lebanese felt that they have to show these israelis who is the rightful owner of humus, as if it really matters.
    The irony is that the Lebanese on Facebook have been waging war on Oprah because she dared describe Lebanon as a conservative country. As if we are the center of liberalism.
    Whether you choose to describe a country as a liberal or a conservative is a subjective matter anyway but what I found to be fascinating is the ability of the Lebanese to get outraged about totally insignificant things and in a very childish immature way. Believe me they did not do their casuse any good. Many mistakenly associate liberalism with drinking and partying.; as if conservatives are not allowed to have a good time. Anyway , I wish that my compatriots would show outrage when their politicians fail to form a cabinet, when the sovereignty is at peril and when the country is best described as dysfunctional. Maybe we do desreve the government that we have.

  2. Jimmy2:06 AM


  3. I live in the United States, and I like tacos. There are lots of restaurants where I can buy tacos and burritos. So maybe Mexico should sue us?

  4. Gus is totally right. How about putting all of our energy in building an actual country (economy, social service, etc.) rather than in making an oversized hummus plate.

  5. Anonymous7:08 PM

    I am also from America, I think this is straight up awesome!


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