Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Breaking News: Rocket Exchange in South

Update: Lebanese Army units along with UNIFIL forces have cordoned off the area of the rocket launch and have launched an investigation into the incident.

NOWLebanon reports that the Israeli army has held the Lebanese government responsible for the rocket launch and has confirmed retaliatory shelling of the launch site. Sources in Lebanon have confirmed Israeli shelling of the area.

Update: Lebanese officials have reported that 8 Israeli artillery shells landed in the Wadi Sallouqa valley near the village of al Houla in southern Lebanon at approximately 7:45 pm.

Update:Israeli officials have reportedly denied an Israeli artillery response to a rocket attack from southern Lebanon. The officials stated that a 107mm Katyusha rocket landed in an open field near the town of Kiryat Shmona at approximately 7:20 pm local time, causing no damage or casualties.

Update: Israeli police reported no casualties from a single rocket which landed in the north of that country. Meanwhile Lebanese security officials reported Israeli jet incursions into Lebanese airspace over the south of that country.

Reports are emerging of a rocket launch from South Lebanon towards Israel followed by an artillery attack by the IDF on the Lebanese village of al Houla.

The attack comes in the aftermath of a visit by Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, to the Lebanese-Israeli border in which he declared that his army was "getting ready for any military confrontation that may erupt with Lebanon", adding "Israel is ready to deal with every situation including the probability of a new confrontation with Hizbullah".

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