Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hizballah: Sunni Disturbances

NOWLebanon gets boots on the ground and talks to the villagers to ascertain what exactly happened on the day that villagers from the predominantly Sunni village of Marwahein in southern Lebanon purportedly resisted attempts by Hizballah militiamen to store weapons and ammo in these villagers' homes:
“It started with Abu Alaa, three days ago, but it got bigger,” he explains. “They brought around 200 armed men, and all the people in the village came out to fight them. The army came. The police came. Then the secret police came. We called the mufti from Tyre, and somebody senior from Hezbollah was also here, and it is all settled now. Nothing happened. But God knows what will happen next.”

According to Khaled, the problems with Hezbollah started after the July War in 2006. Until then, there was peace and quiet in Marwahein and the other Sunni villages of Em al-Tout, Yarine, Al-Boustan and Bouhaira, which all sit on the Israeli border.

“They do this to us because we are Sunnis, and there are political problems in Beirut,” Khaled says. “Nothing like this happens in the Shia or Christian villages. But here they beat the workers on the land. They beat the women looking for wood. They beat the kids taking care of the cattle. They want to be in charge in this village.”


He leans back on his chair and sighs. “We are not against Hezbollah. Make sure you say that in your report. They are Lebanese like us. They helped us during the war. We don’t want the Israelis to get our land. My sister and my brother-in-law had seven children, and they all died in the July War. All we want is to live in peace.”
Meanwhile, allegations continue to surface that Hizballah is arming extremist Sunni groups in northern Lebanon. Naharnet has the latest.

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  1. It is not true that Hezbollah milita are storing weapons in peoples private homes. This video is misleading. Hezbollah would never put ordinary peoples lives at risk,when they are trying to help and protect them from the Israelis. Andrea.


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