Friday, July 03, 2009

Miri Family Grieves ...

... and calls for the arrest of the AMAL gunman who murdered 30 year old mother of five Zeina Miri.

The photo shows Prime Minister-designate, Saad Hariri, consoling Zeina Miri's two daughters as he visits the family to offer his condolences. Pro-Hizballah groups, and supporters of pro-Syrian groups have attempted to disseminate the [false] impression that pro-sovereignty Lebanese politicians and political groups are providing more attention to the withdrawal of comedian Gad al Maleh from the Beiteddine Festival (check here) than to the death of Zeina Miri [who was killed by a pro-Syrian gunman]. Hence the photo (courtesy of Dalati & Nohra) and this link, this link and this link.

Of course it should be noted ... make that emphasized ... that El Maleh's withdrawal comes after a concerted campaign by Hizballah's media outlet, Al Manar, against the comedian. Michael Young gives an interesting look at the interplay between Walid Jumblatt's moves to cuddle up with the group, the attack on El Maleh's scheduled performance at the Beiteddine festival - which is run by Jumblatt's wife, Nora, and the broader implications for free speech and intimidation by violence inherent in the group's message.

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  1. ghassan karam6:49 AM

    Both acts are deplorable. The only pertinent question is which of the two is a greater infraction of civil society, the killing of an innocent thirty years old mother by a gang of hooligans or an organized campaign to silence free speech based on ones religious affiliation?


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