Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Nayla Tueni in Aschrafieh

Here are some quotes of Nayla Tueni's speech in Aschrafieh today, as transcribed by NOWLebanon:

- General Aoun, it is shameful for you to stoop to this level and spread rumors about people. It is shameful to accuse people of taking political money when your people have carried a $1 million suitcase from Hezbollah after the July 2006 war.

- It is shameful for you to accuse others of political inheritance while you are nominating your son-in-law and nephew.

- I wish I did not have to speak in this way, but we will show them how the new generation deals with politics in a civilized manner.

- Where is the reform and change? Is it in the negotiation on $2 million in Kesrouan, or spreading rumors about the President in Jbeil?

- The FPM lied before and today they are discovered. They are willing to ally with the devil to win the elections.

- History will hold them accountable. We saw how they forge.

- I ask you to elect the March 14 list with no discrimination among candidates, because this list will change Lebanon.

- If the opposition wins the elections then Syria and Iran will win. They want to liberate the Golan Heights from Lebanon and maybe Jerusalem from Jounieh or Achrafieh.

- Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah described the Christians as Israelis. He said that political confrontation does not work with them and that they need to be faced with a firm position.

- Do you believe that the exile to Paris was a sacrifice? Did he (Aoun) enter prison? Did he lose a father, mother, son or anyone? Even his soldiers, he left to die in the Baabda Presidential Palace and after a couple of years he went to Syria to thank it for killing them.

- It is shameful for Aoun to accuse me of being a Muslim. I appreciate and respect the Muslim religion, but I am proud of being a Christian and Greek Orthodox.

- Vote for the 10,452 km Lebanon and choose the independence uprising and the cedar revolution. Vote for the future of our children.

- Participate heavily in the elections. Vote for Michel Pharaon, Jean Ogassapian, Serge Torsarkissian and Nadim Gemayel, and do not deal with anyone in a sectarian or racist way.


  1. When it comes to the Tayyar, such words always fall on deaf ears !
    In the hope that Ashrafieh will vote for the right choice !

  2. Anonymous7:29 PM

    I did not hear her entire speech, but i am a little concerned that she has fallen into the trap of trying to make the opposition look bad and not deal with issues that will outlive this election...example, how do average lebanese, not the scum sucking politicians, put bread on the table, how do we bring outr young people home, to sense of belonging and worth. How do we get rid of Hizballah and bring our shiite brothers and sisters into a modern democratic conspiracy free lebanon, how do we free ourselves from sectarianism and the feudal lords who decide when we live or die? I have no doubt that Nayla is an honest person, or that she is truly a patriot but I believe that as a poltician she is obligated to state her social platform to the lebanese first, otherwise she runs the risk of being "Obamaesque" all talk with no susbstance.

    Ayish libnan


  3. Jimmy9:59 PM

    For 2 days before the elections I expect her to be confrontational ... policy discussions are before/after.


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