Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hizballah Meddling in Military Court

Boutros Harb, a leading pro-sovereignty politician, former presidential candidate and former lawyer, has revealed troubling information on the August 2008 murder of Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) helicopter pilot, Lt. Samer Hanna, by Hizballah gunmen:

MP Boutros Harb called on Hizbullah Thursday to reveal the real identity of the culprit who shot at a Lebanese army helicopter killing its pilot Samer Hanna last year.


"Military investigations did not convince the court that Muqdim was the shooter … rather he confessed under a religious obligation," Harb said, adding he has been in contact with the court to inquire over the case.

The findings are "very frightening because they indicate that the real perpetrator is still anonymous," Harb said after a meeting with a delegation from the Carter Center for Election Monitoring.

He called on Hizbullah to "confess to who the real shooter was."
Harb's statements come following the release [on bail] of Mustapha Hassan Muqdim, a Hizballah gunmen who had confessed to shooting Lt. Samer Hanna.

Meanwhile, Hizballah MP Hassan Fadlallah, hinted that the group had pressured the Lebanese Army to release Muqdim by threatening to provoke popular sentiment against the military institution under the pretense of a delayed reaction to the January 2008 clash between Hizballah supporters and LAF troops in Mar Mikhael.


  1. Anonymous11:27 PM

    As long as tribalism, feudalism and sectarianism are in control then law abiding citizens have no place in Lebanon. It is comforting to hear that Mr. Harb has raised all these important questions about rule of law and the power of the state but what about the other 127 MPs? I guess 57 of them support the idea of a dysfunctional state and the other 70 have neither the courage nor the will to take a stand that might be is in the national interest but has not been approved by Sa'ad the appeaser.
    In the same sense that we have no right to expect Hezbollah to work for Lebanese statehood we have no right to expect the traditional zua;ma to be part of a solution that demands their ouster.

    Ghassan karam

  2. True Blue11:44 PM

    We definitely haven't heard the last of this. Yesterday there were some reactions, today this, probably tomorrow we'll hear that muqdim escaped to Syria or Iran.

  3. danny2:24 PM

    True blue,

    He does not have to escape anywhere! Soon they'll make him a resistance hero a la Kuntar...

    Ditto Gus!

  4. I don't think u should dismiss the "other 70" March 14 MPs. Butros Harb is representing his district very well in following this case and he has taken good positions in the past and will probably in the future. But we should commend many of the other March 14 candidates for risking their lives to take the positions that they did for Lebanon. We should also commend the Lebanese people for recognizing this and electing the majority for another term.


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