Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Blacksmiths' Electoral List

As the election nears, we at Blacksmiths of Lebanon have decided to put together a list of candidates to endorse. This list includes both registered candidates, and individuals who we would have voted for had they been running:

Nassib Lahoud
Boutros Harb
Charles Rizk
Tarek Mitri
Gebran Tueni (assassinated)
Nayla Tueni
Pierre Gemayel (assassinated)
Fouad Sanioura
Hussein el-Husseini
Samir Geagea
Saad Hariri
Dory Chamoun
Carlos Edde
Ziad Baroud
May Chidiac (assassination survivor)

These candidates were chosen based on their political conviction and performance over the last 4 years. This list is not closed, and our readers are more than welcome to nominate more in the comments section.


  1. Nadim4:22 PM

    Misbah el Ahdab!

    The voice of all independent M14ers

    "اذا نجح مصباح الاحدب في طرابلس يكون نسيب لحود نجح حكما في لبنان"

  2. http://www.tajaddod-youth.com/tajaddod-press-page/872/

  3. heh what a list!

    You could have said M14 and that would have sufficed lol

  4. poshlemon,

    I am sorry to disappoint you but this list was not supposed to be neutral. It only includes those individuals or politicians who believe that Lebanon should be a nation governed by the state's institutions. Besides, there are just as many independents on the list as members of M14.

  5. Arabic Coffee Pot2:39 AM

    Ask douchelemon here to name his own candidates and we'll see who he comes up with...

    ...wiam wahhab, nabih berri, the qansos, or maybe the airport general for whom hizballah went to war with the rest of the country.

    Come on douchelemon, name someone.

  6. The Other Tony7:52 AM

    Mosbeh El Ahdab and Elias El Murr

  7. I would add Ghazi Aridi to the list.

    Nice choice


  8. Anyone would like to nominate any or all the freed 4 generals ?????

  9. Very interesting Blacksmith... Of particular noteworthiness is how ideologically center-right/right your list is, and how from a sectarian perspective it is christian heavy.
    My qualms with it are as follows, the assassinated politicians - no matter one's opinion of them - cannot be considered. Also, why Tueni and Gemayel, but not Kassir or Fleihan or Hariri Sr. or Hawi, etc...? Moreover, May Chidiac with all the deserved respect and sympathy she has from me for all her ordeals is not necessarily qualified to run for office... Also, Samir Geagea?

  10. danny5:21 PM

    Khalifeh (health minister)

  11. R,

    I wouldn't say this list is right-wing, but rather nationalist. I don't think Tarek Mitri, Charles Rizk, Gebran Tueni, Hussein el-Husseini and Nassib Lahoud (just to name a few) can be classified as such.
    This list is only a start and it is by no means closed. Samir Kassir and Basil Fleihan (also Christian), as well as Mosbah el Ahdab and Elias el-Murr, are definitely worthy of mention. Assassinated politicians were included to highlight how their deaths have created gaps in political substance in many of the M14 lists. Pierre Gemayel and Gebran Tueni, among others, were young, talented and charismatic politicians capable of galvanizing Christian public opinion and increasing voter participation. Their killers knew this, and definitely had the 2009 polls in mind when choosing their victims.

  12. Arabic Coffee Pot10:08 PM

    Khalifeh? Why would I vote for someone who actively worked to scuttle the Cedar Revolution? To implement Syria's return and de-rail the international tribunal?????


  13. Lemon9:51 AM

    You might as well nominate Superman, MacGyver and special agent Jack Bauer. What purpose does it serve to endorse politicians who are not running, and in some cases not even breathing anymore? What the heck did Pierre Gemayel, for example, achieve during the past four years besides dying? This topic is just mental masturbation. It'd be much more constructive if you came up with a list of ACTUAL candidates to endorse in next elections; a dream team of March 14, March 8 and independents.

  14. @ Lemon,
    respect for the dead please,just so you know, Pierre Gemayel had an entire reform poject for industry that was put away to rot in some drawer by the opposition.

  15. Blacksmith Nick3:32 PM

    Are you kidding me?
    We are not contributing to the electoral campaigns of Gebran Tueni, Pierre Gemayel or anyone else here. This is about remembering what they brought to the table and why they were "removed" from the political arena. It is a refusal to accept the political playing field the Syrians carved out for us.
    a dream team of March 14, March 8 and independentLOL! A national unity list? Why not throw in the 4 generals too!

  16. Nadim4:01 AM

    Good thing the 4 generals weren't released a few weeks ago, they might have made it to the so called "March 14" list in Tripoli...

  17. Was it Gebran Tueni that galvanized public opinion or Samir Kassir? I tend to agree with R, somehow. I know that from a neutral position (not 14 and not 8) this list does lean more to one side, and as such I find it disturbing, when I would rather have a new path new names, and a more secular one at that being created. Sue me for being in denial, but I just want better for this country instead of the same. Makes me glad I won't be back home by June 7th to vote (where I would have to present another white ballot - again).


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