Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Some Reads

Here are some reads worth checking out:
  • Tony Badran - on the basics of the 30 year old Syrian-Iranian alliance/relationship (and be sure to check out Tony's follow-up piece in NOWLebanon)
  • Michael Young - on the March 14th alliance, its raison d'etre and its longevity
Both of those articles are right on the spot.

Some other pieces floating around the blogosphere which I found interesting are: Qifa Nabki and Kabobfest's roundup and indictment of AIPAC's ousting of Chas Freeman from the post of Director of the National Intelligence Council; and also from Kabobfest, a piece on Turkey and the expectations being placed on it to take a leading role in the region vis-a-vis Iran. This last post isn't great but it, at least, introduces a topic that is (or could be) a major factor in the region.

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