Friday, March 06, 2009

See you at the elections

A Diamond in Sunlight brings us another Elections 2009 public service ad:

This one asks would-be voters to make sure that their names are correctly entered in the voter registries, “so we see you at the elections”, and suggests that they do so by visiting the mukhtar of their local baladiya or by visiting the website of the “General Directorate of Personal Status”, which despite sounding like Facebook’s status vetting board is apparently Lebanon’s equivalent of an elections commission.

As I’ve said before: I love elections. I love the power of the vote. If you are a Lebanese citizen, I hope you vote this June; the low turnout in 2005 broke my heart. If you - like others I know - haven’t voted before, start the registration process now: the deadline is March 10. And if your mukhtar doesn’t want to register you because he (or she, theoretically) thinks you might vote a certain way, raise a fuss. The right to vote is an incredibly precious treasure - don’t let it slip away.
Check out our 2009 Elections Center (try using our new banner at the very top of the right sidebar) for continuously updated links to election links, polls, election analysis and scenarios (shhhh, we'll be putting up some election scenarios on which readers can vote - according to likelihood ... stay tuned ...).


  1. Anonymous1:20 AM

    I checked mine online, I am registered! :)


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