Wednesday, March 18, 2009

President Promises Senate

President Michel Sleiman at The Arc De Triumph. Tuesday, March 17, 2009.

Following a meeting with the Head of the French Senate, Gerard Larshe, on his tour of that country, Lebanese President Michel Suleiman vowed that work on the formation of a Senate would take place after the formation of a national committee on the matter:
"Forming a senate in Lebanon would be a ground breaking move, and we will do so after forming the national committee," he said, adding that he hoped it would help "demolish political sectarianism."
The establishment of a Senate is called for under the constitutionally-binding Taef Accord. The move, according to the Accord, is to be preceded by the passing of an election law abolishing sectarianism in Parliament. It is a move that aims to eliminate political sectarianism from the daily management of the country and its business, limiting it to one state institution the powers of which can be gradually diluted over time (thats the hope, at least).

The President's stance on the issue marks another pro-sovereignty notch on his belt, underlining a commitment to continuing the progress achieved since the civil war and the end of the Israeli and Syrian occupations. It is a stance that stands in perfect cohesion with the pro-sovereignty agenda and those advocating it [fighting for it and dying for it] over the past 4 years. It is a stance that stands in opposition to those who have promised to destroy that progress.


  1. Though the President may have gained a point in my book, I really don't think our "wise leaders" (I'm trying to avoid profanities) would be interested in having a Senate let alone abolishing sectarianism.

    I guess we can just hope.

  2. I am beginning to change my mind about our ex military man turned president. I only hope that he will follow through.

  3. You're right to be cautious Marillion. I am too. Judging by his stances as Presidents though, he's doing a reasonable job and taking the right positions. So long as he continues on this path - which is the pro-sovereignty path - then he'll continue to have my support, if he deviates then he will lose it. Lets hope he doesn't, for all our good.


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