Friday, March 13, 2009

More Reads

I've been too busy to write these past few days ... but not too busy to read! Here are some posts off the blogosphere worth checking out:
  • Harry hosts guest poster DavidM as he provides a well sourced piece on a subject close to our hearts - Lebanon's Disappeared [in Syria];

  • Another well-researched piece is this NOWLebanon report providing some perspective on the appointment of Governors in Beirut and Mount Lebanon. The NOWLebanon piece also links to another, less fluent, piece dealing with the Constitutional Council. Instead of linking to that piece, however, I'm going to recommend this post summing up the conundrum the Council currently finds itself in (also, be sure to check out the post's engaging comments section);

  • And finally, Abu Muqawama (AM) provides a decent dose of realism to a mediocre report by Nicholas Noe. AM does a good job with a concise post, but personally I would've preferred to see a more malicious attack on the report, not because I have anything personal against the author but because I vehemently object to a notion that the author seems to have bought into - that of viewing the Cedar Revolution and the pro-sovereignty drive as being a [temporary] phenomenon or project while viewing the implantation of an Iranian-"inspired" fundamentalist extra-institutional party as [permanent and] natural. I'll have more on this when I have the time (commentators are welcome to elaborate their thoughts on the subject in the meantime). I'll update this post with a link to Noe's response once its up.
While I was browsing AM's blog I came across this hilarious cartoon (you'll have to expand the image in order to view it), and take a look at this post, with more than a spoonful of bizarre ... seriously!?!

As always, comments are welcomed.

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