Saturday, March 28, 2009

More of Hizballah's Democracy

This has literary happened dozens of times. Dozens!! And now its getting worse:
A car owned by Malek Mohammad Hdeib, supporter of the Lebanese Option Gathering, exploded on Friday in the southern village of Deir al-Zahrani.
Tens of cars owned by the gathering’s supporters have recently been set on fire or exploded in various southern villages.
The Lebanese Option Gathering is a Shiite party that wants to run in the upcoming elections in opposition to Hizballah [a group operationally intertwined with Iran's Pasdaran] and AMAL [a one-man-worshipping militia that continues to pledge its unadulturated loyalty to Syria]. So what does the Hizballah-AMAL duo do to counter this threat to their hegemony over the Shiite population? They bomb, burn, and bully the shit out them.

This is Hizballah's democracy.


  1. This happened the next day:

    The convoy of Lebanese Option Gathering leader Ahmad al-Assaad was attacked by stones while he was in the southern village of Sikskiye on Saturday.

    Commenting on the incident, Assaad said, “They have to realize that there is more than one opinion within the Shia sect and they should accept that in a civil and peaceful manner.”

    “This dispute should be turned into an intellectual one and these acts are not serving this aim,” he said.

  2. I think this is the nicest answer to all the morons who said that Shia were unable to accept democracy and non-violence. The last excuse of Hezbollah and Amal for their thuggery is going down.


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