Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lebanon Election Statistics

Below are voter registration statistics (from the FPM official website) alongside 2005 voter turnout statistics (from The numbers aren't from official sources so you might want to take them with a grain of salt, but there they are anyway.

The percentages given in the first "2009 Voters" column give the breakdown of registered voters by sect (and highlight the need to push forth with the Taef Accords towards the establishment of a secular Parliament and a Senate, check here). The percentages given in the "05 Elections" columns give an approximation of voter participation rates in 2005. For districts that have been gerrymandered since 05 and for which comparable statistics aren't available (like Saida and Zahrani and all the Beirut districts) an N/A designation was applied.

North Lebanon

Mount Lebanon

Southern Lebanon



Be sure to check out our Blacksmiths of Lebanon 2009 Elections Center for comprehensive coverage of the 2009 Parliamentary Elections.

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