Monday, March 16, 2009

Lebanese Embassy in Syria

Journalists are seen in front of the newly opened Lebanese embassy, in the city of Damascus, Syria, Monday, March 16, 2009. Lebanon on Monday opened its first ever embassy in Syria which dominated its small neighbor for nearly three decades. (AP Photo/Bassem Tellawi).

Meanwhile, no Syrian representatives bothered to show up for the Embassy's official openning (real "sisterly" of them, isn't it?).


  1. Meanwhile, Syria's spokesman in Lebanon reiterated his boss's threats earlier this month to burn Lebanon (and the region) should the STL actually do its work and expose the assassins.

  2. Arabic Coffee Pot12:47 AM

    Salloukh provides nonsensical explanation:

    What, is he trying to become Syria's new apologist-in-chief?

  3. Hisham7:47 PM

    Happy for the new embassy, i am looking to forward that this embassy will present some thing to people, more that raising a Lebanon flag on Syrian building,
    i know a lot of people here in Syria wants to know what this embassy can offer for them, can it offer VISAs or not, does it officially working or only diplomatic representation.

    And the broad cast of this embassy not targeting people but targeting world event.
    many people here in Syria cannot connect to the embassy No one know the address or Phone number, even the Syrian phone hotline does not know anything
    please could any one summit embassy contact and its capability.


  4. Jimmy8:28 PM

    I read that it was right next to the U.S. embassy in Damascus. That embassy's address is:

    Embassy of the United States of America
    Abou Roumaneh, 2 Al Mansour Street
    P.O. Box 29
    Damascus, Syria

    so just go next door


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