Friday, March 27, 2009

Judges Targetted

Members of the Lebanese security forces inspect a car belonging to a judge (top L) that was targeted by gunmen overnight in Beirut March 26, 2009. Judge Talal Baydoun's car was one of the three vehicles belonging to Lebanese judges that were targeted in the shooting. Nobody was wounded. (REUTERS/ Mohamed Azakir)

We reported on this incident on the Blacksmith Jade Twitter feed (check the top of the left sidebar). In its report on the story Naharnet writes:

A judicial source said the attack on the cars of two senior judges in Beirut's[pro-Hizballah] Badaro neighborhood was a message to the Lebanese judiciary as the international tribunal began operating.

"This attack is a message to the Lebanese judiciary upon the launching of the international tribunal in The Hague," the source told pan-Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat in remarks published Friday.

Lebanese authorities are investigating the shooting incident that targeted the cars of magistrates Talal Baydoun and Mirna Wanssa.

Prime Minister Fouad Saniora called for "intensified" investigations into "this unacceptable attack." He described it as "an attempt to undermine the state and its organs and will not be dealt with lightly."
Asked whether the shooting can be linked to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, Baroud said he preferred "not to forestall the investigations." He pointed out that Lebanese judges were victims of violence long before the launching of the tribunal.

Also check NOWLebanon's piece on judicial appointments [and efforts to oppose the emancipation of the country's judiciary from under Syrian hegemony] and this post on the Constitutional Council.

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  1. These people's lives are always in danger. Leave them alone. Even though they don't exactly apply justice particularly in Lebanon. Judges should be respected.


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