Sunday, March 01, 2009

Special Tribunal for Lebanon Launched

Below are links to a complete video library of the launch. The feed is an Al Arabiya one (I think) and is dubbed in Arabic. Also included below are links to English transcripts of the speeches given at the launch, provided by NOWLebanon. I'll try to update this post with relevant video reports or feeds of the launch as they become available online.


Tribunal Launch: Part I
Tribunal Launch: Part II
Tribunal Launch: Part III
Tribunal Launch: Part IV

Tribunal Launch: Questions & Answers - Part I
Tribunal Launch: Questions & Answers - Part II
Tribunal Launch: Questions & Answers - Part III


Special Tribunal General Prosecutor Daniel Bellemare
Lebanon’s Ambassador to Holland Zaidan As-Saghir
Under-Secretary General for Legal Affairs Patricia O’Brien
Special Tribunal Registrar Robert Vincent

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  1. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Mabrouk to all of Lebanon and to the Cedar Revolutionaries who sacrificed their lives so that we could finally have justice and stop the murders.



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