Friday, February 20, 2009

This is Important

Fellow blogger Jeha writes:
Here’s a couple of little tidbits that we do not read about;

1- the February 12th kidnapping of Joseph Sader, the Middle East Airlines (MEA) director of information technology operations. Coincidence: he may have been related to the fact that he processed and prepared files related to the Hariri assassination case.

2- The February 18th assassination of Ghassan Miqdad, the MEA pilot, found dead in his own car in Beirut’s Ouzai district. Coincidence: he had transported the Hariri files to The Hague on Feb. 9. Coincidence: 2 months ago, his brother, Mohammed, was similarly assassinated, in the same area. Coincidence: 2 weeks before that, his house was burglarized.

And the biggest Coincidence of all; both the Airport and Ouzai district are under the control of Hezb’O.


  1. Interesting, but flawed. For #2, France transported the documents on a military plane. France requested that the plane make a stopover in Paris but the UN refused the request and it flew straight to the Hague. The French classified it as "logistics aid".

    I highly doubt Ghassan Miqdad flew that plane.

  2. Thanks for the comment Jad.

    Jeha informed me of some of his sources (I'll leave it to him to publicize them). If you want you could do the same.

    The fact that this occured along airport highway, is leading most people to point the finger at Hizballah - their "denial" notwithstanding.

  3. Anonymous2:56 AM

  4. Here are my source:

    No offense but is as balanced as

  5. Orange Storange1:55 PM

    Lebanese and are what they are, the websites of two political parties. Whatever is reported on them should attributed to rumor or biased news. Plus the leb forces link above is about an as seyassa article ... ufffff

  6. Jimmy9:01 PM

    Looks like there are several batches of documents being transported:

    Special Tribunal Registrar Robin Vincent announced that the court would request Lebanese authorities transfer the four generals arrested in connection with the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri to The Hague.

    In an interview with Al-Arabiya television on Sunday night, Vincent said Lebanon would also be asked to submit all documents two months after the tribunal begins its work on March 1, 2009.

  7. From Stratfor:

    On Feb. 12, Joseph Sader, the Middle East Airlines (MEA) director of information technology operations, reportedly was abducted by three assailants when he arrived at his office near Beirut’s international airport — an area that is dominated by Hezbollah. According to a source linked to the investigation, Sader processed and prepared for shipping the files on the al-Hariri assassination case.

    On Feb. 18, Ghassan Miqdad, a MEA pilot, was found dead with two gunshots to the head in his own black Nissan sport utility vehicle in Beirut’s Ouzai district. Miqdad had transported the al-Hariri files to The Hague on Feb. 9. Miqdad’s death comes just two months after his brother, Mohammed, was shot dead in the same area — reportedly “in identical circumstances,” according to Lebanese media — and two weeks after Miqdad’s house, where he lived alone, was “targeted by thieves,” Lebanese media reported. The source linked to the investigation said that Hezbollah, in order to cover up its fingerprints, killed the pilot’s brother, a drug trafficker, and then ransacked the pilot’s house before assassinating him. The intent was to mislead the criminal investigation by giving the impression that the Miqdad family had personal problems.

    Both of these cases are linked to the tribunal and therefore appear to be strongly linked to Hezbollah and the Syrian regime. Both Hezbollah and Syria want to send a forceful message to the Lebanese government that any attempts to send the four officers to The Hague will not come without severe consequences. And that message apparently has been received. Though MEA Chairman Mohammad Hout said several hours after the Ghassan Miqdad killing that Miqdad was eliminated for reasons unrelated to the national carrier, a source close to Hout claims that the airline is fearful and aware that Hezbollah is targeting it for reasons related to the tribunal. Hout was appointed to his position by al-Hariri, and Hezbollah views MEA, which is more or less state-controlled by the Lebanese central bank, as a pro-al-Hariri carrier. Miqdad was also a Shi’i who was on good terms with the al-Hariri-led March 14 coalition.


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