Sunday, February 15, 2009

Still Fighting

Hundreds of thousands of Lebanese gathered on February 14th 2009 to commemorate the assassination that launched the Cedar Revolution and liberated Lebanese land from a 15 year long Syrian military, political, and social occupation.

Participants gathered to honor the sacrifice and blood spilled in the pursuit of this independence revolution over the past 4 years, and to show continuing support for the ongoing struggle to maintain and defend our sovereignty.

Following the speeches and the ceremonies, as people made their way back to their homes throughout the country's cities, towns, and villages, they were assaulted, beaten, and - in the sad and horrifying case of one man - murdered.

The thugs and murderers who attacked these people weren't Syrians or Israelis but Lebanese. Lebanese people who have bought into the idea that this independence, this sovereignty, and this struggle is not for them. That it is for "the other", for someone other than them.

It is an idea that has been fed and fueled by continuous media campaigns orchestrated by groups who flourished under the Syrian occupation and who relish the possibility of its return - contingent as it is on the failure of the Cedar Revolution and the drive to sovereignty. Groups such as Hizballah, Amal, the SSNP, and the FPM.

Lufti Zeineddine was killed because he supported a Lebanon where any Lebanese could visit any part of his country without having to worry about being stopped at a checkpoint by a Syrian intelligence (moukhabarat) thug. He died because he supported a Lebanon where anyone could voice his or her political opinion and not worry about disappearing and/or winding up in a Syrian jail, or in the trunk of a car, or washed up on a beach. He died because he believed those who would assassinate and maime our elected officials should be held accountable ...

... thats what he and the countless others who have been killed, wounded, or had their homes bombed and burned believed in. What do the ones doing the killing beleive in?


  1. Indeed1:52 PM

    Dear Mr.Blacksmith Jade,

    We agree that Hizballah is an Iranian satellite in Lebanon. We agree to agree that its tactics and politics do not represent us. We agree that it must look We agree that it must be disarmed for us to be able to regard it as a true political party with no tangible interests beyond the Lebanese border.

    But hailing March 14 is another story. How can you look up to them? How can you portray them as saviours and saints? Some of their tactics are as scary, if not scarier than Hizballahs. Their youths are as belligerent and even more sectarian. I would like to see you get rid of a March 14 regime if they were to take over, perpetuating everything that is wrong with Lebanese politics.

    You may argue that its the lesser of two evils. But then in my opinion you are pretty attached to the lesser evil.

    Once you realize that we are stuck in the same shit every day, will the neurons in your head realign.
    Your post reads like a nightmare to every educated person in the country...

    Now getting to your post:

    First of all, I like the "hundreds of thousands" bit. There were no more than a hundred thousand. But then again if your source is Naharnet.....

    Then about the beatings, dear Mr. Blacksmith Jade. It wasn't like the March 14ers were innocently walking home, sucking on their lollipops while the gates of hell opened and they were befallen by evil. They drive through M8 neighbourhoods provoking as much as the other side does.
    When does this blog ever report when a M8 follower is beaten to death?

    Oh yeah and suddenly all M14ers are enlightened, modern, western, state loving people who believe in democracy and equal rights for all.
    How on earth do you know what Zeineddine stood for?
    How do you know as a young man he wasn't up in the mountain slaughtering Christians trying to impose what he thought was right back then? He was PSP after all.

    They are as sectarian as anybody else. Either they blindly follow their leaders or they are driven by hatred of one group, in this case the Shias.

    And groups who flourished under the Syrian occupation? Such as the FPM?? Come'd write anything it seems.

    Your propaganda and twist of the truth disgusts me Mr.Blacksmith Jade. You used to be a good guy. But now you put a M14 propaganda twist to everything.

    You simply are nothing else than the Lebanese version of Dick Cheney.

    You should be smarter than to succumb to all this petty fighting and propaganda.

    But then again. A guy who hasn't lived in Lebanon for 7 years and relies on Naharnet and Nowlebanon for would pretty much produce this.

  2. "Indeed", I'm going to answer you in full, but not because your statement is interesting or deserving of an answer, but because the country is literally littered with people like you.

    I mean think a little before you talk or write. The inconsistencies in your statement and in your logic are so clear that they expose a pettiness and lack of vision that is painful to witness.

    You write that you know that Hizballah operates as a paramilitary extension of Iran, essentially a mini-state of its own.

    But then you go on to talk about what? That some people who support M14 do it for purely sectarian reasons or out of party loyalty? Of course they exist! But why would I waste my time talking about them? Why would I waste my time [and my readers' time] talking about them when the entire country is at threat?

    "Indeed", if you want to show the world how smart you are, you should at least be able to discern between an existential threat to the country and an inconvenience. But apparently you can't do that.

    Every country in the world has to deal with corruption, its an ongoing battle that is tackled by having robust state institutions - something that Syria and Iran continue to undermine by working to dismantle any notion of a state.

    But again, you're probably more interested in what? Calling a man who was murdered because he went to a rally an idiot? I'm ashamed of people like you.

    There is no equivalence between the assassinations over the past 4 years, July 2006, January 2007, May 2007, and May 2008 on the one hand, and anything - ANYTHING - that has been done in pursuit of sovereignty under the banner of the Cedar Revolution. None! And people like you, "Indeed", have wasted their time (over the past 4 years) in trying to establish an equivalency.

    As for the FPM, I'm glad you brought that up. Of course they didn't flourish under the Syrian occupation, but it is now also undeniable that Michel Aoun seeks a return of Syrian influence to the country.

    "Indeed" I don't care about you or what you think. Over the past 4 years it has become immeasurably clear that you can't cure people of pettiness. You can't help someone think big if they insist on being a mental midget. In the end, "Indeed", you're no better than those who proclaim sect or party allegiance as their primary driver, you place your spitefulness above everything else.

    However, if the past 4 years have proven anything, it is that there is an undeniable base of people in Lebanon willing and able to work so that our country can realize its potential. And no one, not small people who want to bog us down with their spiteful lack of vision, or large groups operating on behalf of foreign regimes, no one can dissuade us from helping our Lebanon be everything it can be for its people. It is for these people that I write, not for you.

  3. Indeed4:55 PM

    And I checked your blog again and wondered if you did reply.

    And yet you responded. That is pettiness at its best.

    First of all you didn't read what I wrote. That is mainly because you think you are always right and that this blog is the word of God. It isn't.

    It saddens me that this blog has become this petty. Yes I am using your own word against you.

    Why is this blog petty? Well my point of contention, and the only one I raised before you went bezerk was that all you do is engage in propaganda.
    You go on describing a guy you don't know and stating his beliefs. You don't know the guy who died and under which circumstances he died. Maybe he did believe in the values you state. All I said is that it is common for certain people to go to certain areas and provoke other people. And if you had visited Lebanon in the last decade or read something other than Nowlebanon that possibility should have crossed your mind.
    So I beg you not to bullshit anymore. Moreoever, I didn't call the guy an idiot. Again your shabby attempts at spreading unverified statements in order to server a purpose. Oh wait, thats called propaganda.

    Second, people like me. You don't even know who I am. On the other hand you make yourself vulnerable by blogging your opinions on the world wide web. You understand the meaning or world wide web don't you?
    I say Hizballah is a threat and should be dealt with, but I'm not going to reduce myself and my sacrifice my dignity by spewing out the same kind of propaganda Hariri and Geagea spit out every day. They aren't an inconvenience as you put it. They are a threat to anyone who has a half a brain. It may be the lesser of two evils but its still evil enough that I know better than to stick my head up their arses.

    That is what you, my friend, do day after day.

    And frankly it is quite sad.

  4. Indeed5:08 PM

    One more thing...

    Bullet points for you since I really don't feel like writing extensively.

    1.The March 14, 2005 movement was great. A people's movement. As you put it in your petty reply:

    "There is an undeniable base of people in Lebanon willing and able to work so that our country can realize its potential."

    2. Then it got hijacked by the lesser evil and was turned into a political instrument. Many people (albeit still March 14 supporters) are discouraged by their leadership. You just don't know any.

    3. People who blindly follow the lesser of the two evils and in addition to that maintain blogs that sound like Jeffrey Feltman on an acid trip don't deserve my respect.

    4. Be a man and stand up for your values when you see wrong being done. You don't. In your books any March 14 affiliated person is a saint. And if not a saint, then at least immune to criticism.
    That can't be right and can't be the right way to sound political analysis.

  5. If you haven't noticed, Indeed, this is my blog so of course I'm going to comment, you on the other hand voluntarily keep coming back for more (think of your new favorite word).

    I'm going to put your idiocy to rest. You came back and your main point of contention was what? Talking about a murdered man, again? Get over it.

    If you're too simple-minded to figure it out, I'll spell it out for you: I didn't know the murdered man (now two murdered men) nor did I have to. The fact that these attacks took place on passing convoys means that it could have happened to anyone who went down to the rallies to show their support for the implementation of the rule of law. His murder, wasn't only about him it was about the big picture, and thats what was conveyed in the post. Get it now genius? I didn't think so, but it doesn't matter.

    M14 are not saints. Most people have the memory and mental capacity to know that thats true and to take it as a given premise, but not you apparently. You need it to be spelled out to you, soothing your own little personal irks. Its pathetic, but its also more ...

    This next part is going to go right over your head Indeed, so you might as well skip it. I'll address it to other readers.

    ... Its a tool through which we're supposed to get bogged down, unable to tackle our country's most pressing needs because we're too busy getting entangled in the messes of some of those who walk amongst us. Going in circles until we forget what the initial issue was in the first place. Until we forget the occupation, the assassinations, the battles and the wars. Well we haven't gotten bogged down, we've managed to restore some of our sovereignty, despite all of the above, and that simply drives some people (like this post's resident idiot, Indeed) crazy.

    Also notice that every non-party affiliated technocrat or politician naturally finds a place within the pro-sovereignty movement. Look at Charles Rizk and Tarek Mitri (not to mention others), and look at the positions being taken by the President and his Interior Minister (so far so good). This movement, if it can manage to overcome the agendas of foreign-backed non-state actors on the one hand, and the idiotic howls for entanglement by scornful mental midgets (like Indeed) on the other, will build a state that will have the institutions to withstand and weed out the corrupt, inempt, and nepotistic politicians that plague the country today. That is what we're working towards.

    Now back to you Indeed. I hope you've learned something here but I highly doubt it (if after 4 years you haven't then I think its beyond you). In the meantime you're always welcome to visit, keep your comments respectful and they'll be shown, otherwise I'll take them out with the rest of the trash.



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