Friday, February 27, 2009

Are you a registered voter? Find out here!

The Ministry of the Interior, under Ziad Baroud, has launched another excellent initiative allowing any Lebanes person to check if they've been registered as a voter in their local district. All this at the touch of a button.

Simply visit this easy to use website (make sure you visit it using Internet Explorer as it sometimes won't run on Mozilla Firefox), follow the appropriate links, and find out.

Perhaps the intiative's most laudable aspect is the transparency this online database should bring to the electoral process, allowing election monitors (even those of the "blogging" or "hobby" variety) to directly check the validity of a single vote (in the case of the official monitors) or of the total results.

On a related note, below are some posters put out by the Interior Ministry and is Elections Commission, reminding citizens to vote in the upcoming election (big ol' H/T to A Diamond in Sunlight)


  1. i am actually very pleasantly surprised. Would have been great if they had included a search option. Either way, its a step.

  2. I never knew we put our thumbs in purple ink!

    Though I would have liked an easier to remember URL.

  3. What about privacy issues?

  4. True Blue9:04 PM

    This will be good to stop people from "resurrecting" voters

  5. Has anyone had any luck using this website? I've tried two of the three input methods (name and qada/qariya) with no luck. I'm pretty sure that I'm registered because I have my voting card from the last election (which is no longer needed anymore).

    Any insight would be appreciated.

  6. Hey QN,

    I checked for myself and a friend and both times it worked exactly as it was supposed to ...

    ... some larger towns are divided into smaller "neighborhoods" which aren't as clear as all the other categories (at least for me), so maybe you're checking the wrong one there (I'm assuming you got province > town > ... > sect > registration number right :P)

  7. Jade

    Did you search by name or by location?

    The instructions say you can use one of three methods: name, location, or registration number.

    I took that to mean that I should not supply all the info at once. But when I failed to find myself using the name fields, I tried just using the location and it did not return any records...


  8. Ok, I figured it out.

    Never mind!


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