Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cedar Island

With a grateful hat-tip to: A Diamond in Sunlight and Qifa Nabki. And here is the project website ... take a look.

Here are the promised updates to this post:
Update: Jad Aoun provides an update on the project.


  1. Jimmy5:20 PM

    Environmentally, this doesn't seem like a great idea...

  2. Here is a link to the NOWLebanon piece on the Cedar Island project, including an interview with the man behind the project.

    I'll be updating this post with the above link and more later today.

  3. a bad, very bad idea...
    I also bashed it on my blog...

    what are they thinking!!!

  4. Sure, they should rather spend money protecting the rare cedars left in the Mountain...

  5. Have they not heard of global warming?

  6. hmm,I'm sure this also means more quarries and more defacement of Lebanon's mountains to gain more onto the sea. Unless, of course, it'll all be on a floating device made out of empty "Falcon" cans and "Soha".


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