Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Aoun and Syria Deliver 50 Criminals

In a slap to the face of the families of those Lebanese who continue to languish in Syrian jails due to their political beliefs, or because of their service in the Lebanese Army under Michel Aoun in the early 1990s, Syria has declared it will release 50 common criminals of Lebanese origin serving jail time in its jail.

The declaration came as Gen. Michel Aoun was winding down his multi-day trip to Syria which saw him hold celebratory meetings and events with a variety of Syrian officials. Meanwhile, the families of over 700 Lebanese detainees in Syrian jails watched the General make a fool of himself and those whose future was stolen because their stance alongside him against the Syrians more than 15 years ago.

on the matter, this is what Lebanon's Justice Minister had to say:
“It is clear that the news about releasing 50 persons has more political than legal background, and it is totally imprecise,” he said.

Najjar called for separating legal and judicial work between Lebanon and Syria from the issue of detainees and missing persons in Syria.

“I know that those [detainees and missing persons] are more than 700, and all statements issued here and there are only political statements,” he said.


  1. Andrew6:39 AM

    But at least you have Samir Kuntar back from Israel! Thank God you've got Samir back! You can launch a whole war for child killer Samir, but the 700 innocent people getting tortured in Syrian prisons can stay there.

    While the Syrians have been torturing your people, Samir managed to pick up a college degree in Israeli prison. It also looks like he was very well fed.

  2. Incase anybody is interested in facts to back up their opnions:
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