Friday, November 28, 2008

SSNP Violently Attacks Free Speech [Again]


  1. Hariri will bring us freedom and the joys of western life8:31 PM

    Why don't people commit violence for the sake of violence any longer?

    Everything has to have a political undertone in our community.

    The next time I'm in Beirut, I'd actually be delighted to have someone stab me for no particular political reason.

  2. Future TV are so hypocrite for they can easily say"irhabiyii el hizb el souri el kawmi el ijtima3i", but they would never dare to label hizbala properly as "el monazama el irhabiya"...

  3. Anonymous12:23 AM

    To: Hariri will bring...

    lets keep the idiotic statements to a minimum :)

  4. The above comments (with all respect)are a good example of why Lebanon is doomed.
    No one seems to be outraged that the attack is on freedom of the press (regardless of which media is represented) and moreover that the perpetrators have nothing Lebanese from their name to their doctrine.
    Instead you squable over political allegiances and zou3ama who have sold you short more than once.
    Lebanese does not deserve freedom, independence, sovereignty...etc as long as it is populated by sheeple (sheep people).

  5. Nadim2:47 AM

    Marillion, whether you like it or not, this attack was politically motivated and for much the same reasons as Samir Kassir, Gibran Tueni or May Chidiac were targeted.

    It is naïve to think that this is simply an attack on press freedom in general. This is an attack on an ideal, a project.

    And no, for all the sweat and all the blood that we have shed, we do deserve freedom, sovereignty and independence.


  6. I think my English is getting rusty, or my frustration is getting the best of me.
    I do not give a c... which newspaper or TV the poor sod who was beaten up adhered to, I still remember when journalists from the other side (yes I do callthem the other side because their cause is totally alien to me) were beaten up by our boys too. All that I am saying is that we should cry outraged firstly because it is one of our fundamental liberties that is being attacked, that of freedom of speech.
    Funny how no one (on any blog that I frequent) has commented on the demand (not to say order)from Syrian authorities to ban Syrian dissidents from publishing their weblog from Lebanon (amongst other dubious requests).
    Enough with rotten political partie, and murderous leaders; time to stand tall and free of all those who destroyed Lebanon.

  7. @ Marillionlb

    I think we agree this time. It should be a pride for a democratic country to allow all journalists to cover any story. Lebanon has the luck, amongst absolutely all Arabic countries to have a pluralist press. It's just sad that most parties don't realize how important this is and that it should be cherished and protected. But no, they beat them... :-(


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