Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Press Freedom Index 2008

Lebanon ranked 2nd highest in press freedoms among Arab nations, being "out-freedomed" only by Kuwait. Overall, Lebanon ranked 66th in the world, up 14 places from last year's ranking. This according to the Reporters Without Borders NGO which this week came out with its annual Press Freedom Index.

The NGO attributed Lebanon's rise to a lull in the assassination campaign (courtesy of Syria) targeting a number of the country's journalists ... I guess the guys (and gals) at RWB must have missed Hizballah's little "promenade" through various media outlets throughout Beirut, along with the trail of fire and destruction left along that route.

Speaking of cracking down on the free press (in Beirut, as at home), Iran obtained the lowest rank for a country in the Middle East, coming in at 166 (out of 173); sister-Syria ranked 159th worldwide. Other notable Arab rankings inlcude the Palestinian Authority (163), Saudi Arabia (161), Libya (160), Iraq (158), Yemen (155), and the list goes on.

The top 3 Arab countries, were Kuwait (61), Lebanon (66), and the UAE (69).

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