Saturday, November 01, 2008

One-Eyed Wonder

Have a laugh, BBCNews reports:
A Muslim cleric in Saudi Arabia has called on women to wear a full veil, or niqab, that reveals only one eye.

Sheikh Muhammad al-Habadan said showing both eyes encouraged women to use eye make-up to look seductive.


  1. in a twisted way, it's very logical, once anyone accepts that idiots' basic premise.

  2. Hahah this piece was in the Lebanese press a while ago... Is it me, or many of these so called religious Sheikhs are mostly preoccupied with matters of erotic-sexual nature?! Too frustrated?

  3. These sheikhs don't know a shit about women. Just let these beasts to poke even one eye out, then they will find sure ways to look seductive by putting three tons of make-up around the eye.

  4. Anonymous4:48 PM

    How odd. In Charles Darwin's diary he recalls how the Christian girls of Spanish South America wore veils with just one eye showing. The local men asked Darwin if there were any prettier women in all the world and he said, "No."

    - Solomon2

  5. jimmy5:11 PM

    That sounds about right, if these sheikhs had their way they'd take us even further back than Darwin's 19th century!


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