Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Missing on the Road to Alleppo

The emerging story of the disappearance of two American journalists on their way from Tripoli to Aleppo, Syria, via taxi, has drawn parallels with the personal experience of the same journey undertaken by [one-time] contributor Kronos during the July War of 2006.

At the end of his journey, Kronos overcame duplicitous drivers and malicious moukhabarat agents to make his way to the safety of home. Our hope remains that Holli Chmela and Taylor Luck, the journalists in question, will not have endured such treatment and that their disappearance is more a case of the “Dean Dean Kevlin” variety* (in that their disappearance is one due more to lack of communication on their part than of foul play) rather than of the Kronos one gone awry.

Just in case, our prayers go out to their families. God knows we've been praying for the families of the countless Lebanese who have disappeared along that road over the past three decades.

*After a frantic search by Lebanese security services and urgent statements by the U.S. Embassy and the American University of Beirut, Dean Dean Kevlin was found recovering from a weekend romp of drugs, booze, and [man-on-man] sex in the apartment of an AUB medical student.


  1. Anonymous9:50 AM

    blacksmith, have you heard anything about that jordanian family that was kidnapped?

  2. Hey Anonymous,

    A preliminary internet search netted this article as the only result.

    It seems like some are suspecting foul play on the part of the husband ... but you probably know more about this story than I do.


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