Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Halftime Show

Lebanon's prisoner in Israel is on his way back [while hundreds of Lebanese continue to languish in "brotherly/sisterly" prisons in Syria] and yet another pretext for Hizballah's weapons is gone.

Was it worth it?

Over 1,200 dead - 300 below the age of 13; over 4,400 wounded - 700 of them permanently disabled. Those figures alone provide a very clear answer [NO!], but don't forget to add to them the hundreds of thousands displaced and the billions of dollars of damages inflicted on the country.

No matter to Hizballah, they - and the Israelis with whom they negotiated (Olmert & Co.) - got the PR boost that they needed just when they needed it. The Lebanese, and the Al Jazeera-viewing Arab public in general, should now simply forget the militant group's recent history of turning its weapons on its fellow Lebanese and precipitating a sectarian rift rivaling that of the country's 15 year civil war.

Again, no matter. Lebanese blood has once again provided the grease for the machinery of international diplomacy, and following Syria's weekend in the limelight will come Iran's dance under the stars.

Exchanges of embassies will not change our cash-cow status among Syria's ruling clan, and the formation of crippled cabinets will not extract us from our launch-pad status among the clerics of Iran, who continue to [violently] entrench their proxies throughout the region's weaker states while accusing others of imperialism and acclaiming their own actions as natural.

The gig is not [yet] up, we'll just be sitting the rest of this quarter out on the sidelines, or at least, that was the hope in Doha. In the meantime, our politicians can play their local games and electoral alliances can be [re-]formed with none the wiser.

Heck, maybe even Qantar will get in on this game.


  1. Israel got nothing but the corpses of it's kidnapped 2 citizens.

    For 2 years Iran, opps, Hezbollah gave NOTHING to the UN, the Red Cresent or anyone proving that these 2 were cared for and fed...

    Now contrast that with that fat FUCK Sammy the Kunt!

    The Arab's world's news and greatest hero!

    In Israeli prisons, Sam the child murderer, was fed, allowed to go to school, marry, have SEX with his wife on a monthly basis, have contact with all sorts of people...

    Now on the otherside, Hezbollah uses body parts as bait, kidnaps, tortures and murders it's prisoners.

    Congrats to the Lebanese this will just PROVE to the Israelis that the NEXT war?

    Do not hold back...

    No days of leaflets, phone calls of warning...

    WHEN (not if) Hezballah (which is NOW Lebanon) attacks or does something beyond a redline (like rearming with 40,000 rockets) Israel should hit hard and not try to avoid civilians, since hezballah USES civilians as shields these are now legal targets.

    If i was a decent Lebanese? I flee to france asap...

    Your country is not completely occupied by iran and shia and as such it is on it's was to become Gaza II

    Or, grow some HISTORIC BALLS and take back your country from the arabs, syrians & persians that use your land of the cedars as a toilet

  2. Hmm, offensive, very exaggerated and clearly calling for the murder of innocents. However, this comment is, unfortunately, not totally wrong either. It obviously conveniently forgets that Lebanese people hardly have a say in that matter, because Lebanon is not more of a democracy than most of its neighbours. But it has a point in showing that it is not a war between Israel and Lebanon (or the Arab world for that matter), but a war between Israel and Syria and Iran, through Hezbollah and Hamas. Lebanese are just paying the price so that Hezbollah can continue to play zorro with the blood of others.

  3. I think that it is fair to say that this situation sucks for all of us.

  4. alphast said...
    Hmm, offensive, very exaggerated and clearly calling for the murder of innocents.


    I am calling for the Israelis to do what hezbollah does.

    If the Shia of the south support, hide, protect Hezbollah they are not innocents...

    they are human shields that hezbollah, syria and iran swear to tight until the last shia dies...

  5. I know exactly what you are saying. You are saying that it would be right to copy Hezbollah's methods. That's where you are wrong. Those who do the same become the same. It's one of the basic of ethics, sorry. Vengeance is not justice. The end does NOT justifies the means.

  6. I have no doubt that quntar, this murderer wasn’t worth even one of the innocent Lebanese who died in this war.
    I recommend you watch this video which shows why it wasn’t worth it.

    Aibrahim soltani


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