Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Talking Blogging in Beirut

An organizer (or so I think) of this event posted a link to it in the comments section of a recent post. The event is essentially a get-together-come-citizen-journalism workshop discussing blogging in Lebanon and the overall alternative media scene in the country.

Since the subject is near and dear to my heart I thought I'd do the organizers a favor by advertising it a little, given the shabby job they've apparently done for themselves (neither I, nor any other Lebanese bloggers I'm regularly in touch with had even heard about this event, let alone gotten an invitation to it!)

In any case, best of luck to the participants and discussants and hopefully they'll keep us up-to-date on what they've found out about blogging Lebanon...


  1. Eddy-cool5:54 AM

    What? who r these guys? i think u should go teach them a little something

  2. Anonymous6:19 AM

    Thank u for the info. I think they will need A LOT of help promoting!!

  3. I took a look at the panel. It includes people from Global Voices online including Moussa,

    So they'll definitely know what they're talking about..

  4. What I figure is that following the Global Voices world conference in Budapest, the participants were urged to organize events like this and kind of share what they observed there.

  5. Jimmy5:24 PM

    If they're going to rehash the talks from Budapest then maybe thats interesting because not everyone went to Budapest obviously.

    But if they're going to give their own opinion about things I would be less interested.

  6. Anonymous5:41 AM

    Yalla hopefully they'll do well and not be taken over by politics!!

  7. participants in the budapest conference were not urged to do anything anywhere :-) the activity you mentioned was organized by those whom you linked to. they are an ngo and have been working on social media exchange for some time. anyway, what was discussed in budapest and in the small gathering at rootspace is documented on respective websites.
    but in any case, you are RIGHT, the event could have been advertised more with invitations sent out to more persons using alternative media, i dont know how the invitations went since i was invited and not an organizer. cheer up people, ma fi shi byi7rez niz3al kirmalo, el balad bas byi7riz...

  8. Don't worry Moussa, mahada ze3il. On the contrary, I contacted the organizers and let them know that if they needed any future help in promotion of their events/activities/programs I'd be more than happy to lend a hand.

  9. ahhh okk, i just saw your comments at their site. (man u'r fastt heheee)

  10. Hehe, yeah that was quick eh? Se2abit!

    Thanks for putting up posts on the GVO Summit by the way. I do, however, wish they had something for the attendees to organize upon their return to their respective countries ... spreading know-how or something along those lines ... personal interaction always trumps videos.


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