Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lebanon's 70th Government

Below is a list of the country's new cabinet members, their political affiliations, their sect, and the region from which they hail and/or in which they have run for parliamentary elections in past and might, again, in the very near future:

March 14 Cabinet Share:

March 8 Cabinet share:

Presidential Cabinet Share:

Boy those pundits weren't kidding when they called this Cabinet an "elections cabinet", in reference to the positioning and promoting of concerned candidates ahead of the 2009 parliamentary elections. I'll have more on that in a post I'll be finishing up shortly.


  1. I should mention that the tables above aren't exactly complete. I still need to double check some regional elements etc...

    ... I'll update it as I go along

  2. Hey, sorry the final OK on the table is taking a while but the past two weeks have been full of news/events in Leb that I'm hardly able to keep up.

    I'm getting through the backlog of all the issues I'd like to post about so enjoy the posts and feel free to let me know if you spot anything u like/dislike in the table.


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