Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hosting a Monster

Demonstartors stand inside a fake cage as they demand the release of Lebanese political prisoners in Syria. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has made a comeback on the international stage with a visit to France for talks with President Nicolas Sarkozy -- on the eve of a Mediterranean summit.(AFP/Olivier Laban-Mattei)

[images and commentary courtesy of Yahoo!News]


  1. Anonymous1:32 AM

    The principles of the Alawite Regime in Syria:

    No Principle (when the situation requires)
    Create the fire then sell the water
    Defeat is victory
    Always negotiate on the verge of the abyss
    There are no 'burned' cards
    The regime never fights, others fight for it
    Survival is revival

  2. And of course, with people with no foreing policy experience like Sarkozy, it works... I am really glad I never voted for him.


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