Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hizballah's Definition of Victory


  1. Anonymous5:14 AM

    Surely you can all see how they think it is a victory.

    Tfeh! on the plague of Lebanon. I don't know of any god that wants them in his army.

    Israel should have "lost their bodies" when they were captured!

    I live in hope that Lebanon rids itself of Hiz and Aoun! I can't believe he sees it as a victory too but when you sell your soul and your people out to them you have to back them!

  2. And they claim it is a victory, for one criminal and 200 human remains, 1200 Lebanese citizen died...

  3. Anonymous3:52 PM

    And to make it worse, Kantar says he can; wait to confront his Israeli enemy again and will do so until his martydom...

    Great... I smell peace!!

    Tfeh! at them all, trash associates with trash

  4. It says bundles about this accursed enemy of ours that they still have 200 bodies to produce after 30 years whereas this god damned expensive resistance cant even produce one dead airmans' body.

    I too "smell" something anon but trust me it aint peace.

    The next war is comming and when it does, after yesterday, no one and nothing will stop israel from finishing the job. Not a crybaby PM, not a deranged Claoun, certainly not the "pride" of lebanon and 1 million missles and definitely not the UN Moon man. You think israel will care that lebanese children dies or that they will give warnings before bombing..TFEH!!!

  5. Anonymous6:04 PM

    This moron (Kuntar - look at his face), can say whatever he wants against Israel. Yet, it was in an Israeli University that he obtained a diploma of Human Sciences.... This shows how Israel treats its prisoners versus Zibballah. I am sure after a few days, Kuntar will come to regret his Israeli prison... Just wait and see...

  6. Not impressed7:29 PM

    I am really not impressed with this blog. It consists of picking and nagging about Hizballah and copy pasting the exact same thoughts which can be found on neo-conservative American and the Lebanese Forces websites. All I can say is that a professional blog will not shy away from giving credit where credit is due.

    The author of the posts does not understand that the events of the past days have nothing to do with the persona of Samir Kuntar but rather has much to do with the principle of dealing with Israel.

    As La Fontaine famous quote states : "La raison du plus fort est toujours la meilleure", Hizballah pretty much seemed to have nailed it again.
    You seem to care more about Israel than the Israelis about you my dear friend. Maybe you even support their daily overflights. It's sad to see that you seem to have forgotten the history of the South of our country. The Israelis destroyed our country many times over before Hizballah even existed and if you believe they actually are your friends then you are naive at best.
    The Israelis collectively and brutally punished Lebanon 2 years ago which contributed to the numbers you have stated above. It's not the first time they've done that and probably won't be the last time. With or without Hizballah.
    Thus the application of LaFontaines quote is extremely fitting. Apparently this is the only way one can deal with our southern neighbour.

    Furthermore, you somewhat weirdly portray the "1979 Crime" in your blog. Thus I can assume that you are implying that celebrating Kuntar's release is not important. Again, it's not about Kuntar, it's about the principle. Second of all, I'm sure you celebrated Geagea's release so don't be a hypocrite.
    Third of all Kuntar was in war situation and 16 at the time. Give him a break, after all he did spend 30 years in jail.

  7. Ah yes, the old "Zionist" accusation - not very original I have to say.

  8. Not impressed, when the hizb uses its weapons in a manner that is irresponsible its our duty as citizens of Lebanon to criticize them and it doesn't make us Israelis or pro-geagea or otherwise. I for one was very happy they kicked out the Israelis in 2000 and was firmly behind their cause. In 2006 I was also happy when they did the same but not so happy about the 'risks' they took; but face the facts they precipitated the war. Releasing Kantar (and yes i agree with you about the fact he was 16 etc) is not a goal that justifies the risks that HA took in conducting that operation.

    HA's weapons served well till 2000... since then however its been clear that their weapons Iranian assets soley... and as long as thats the case we can never accept that form of occupation... neither can we ever accept Syrian or Israelis occupying us directly or indirectly... and that means we'll keep criticizing.

    For Hizbullah 'dignity' means more than life (in this case 1287 lives)... this is something I totally reject.

  9. Doodad10:04 PM

    How much more divine victory can Lebanon afford at these rates? Funny how others are willing to see Hezbollah "resist," to the last Lebanese in furtherization of the "cause," or revenge or whatever the fuck the flavour of the month is.

    And be assured, that last Lebanese will NOT include glorious leaders spirited out to other nations from their hidey holes and villas.

  10. defending the undefendable! It was only a matter of time before the mentally challenged appeared.

    So now its about the "principle" is it? According to your warped sense of "principle" Mr. not impressed, its ok to make lebanon the laughing stock of the world and its people reviled to um,...prove a point?!! While at the same time attack people as "zionist" or something because they find your divine "principles" flawed? By the way the last time I checked it was hizbteezee that attacked the jooos in 2006 and then the lebanese in 2008...!

    It does however impress me how your recollection of history, is just like the rest of the arab world...SELECTIVE BULLSHIT that borders on fantasy land! By the way I can almost guarantee that from your assinine comment that you were still in your fathers nutsack when the civil war else do you forget to mention the fact that the zibbi PLO attacked israel daily from lebanese soil and forced the meanie jooos to do exactly what hizbteezee forced them to do in 2006...invade lebanon to protect themselves. The consequence is irrelevant since "war is hell" and we ALL paid the price for your persian slaves stupidity.

    So, Mr. not impressed...instead of reading la fontaine (which clearly is over you "arab" head) and wasting alot of time comming up with gems like "apparently this is the only way one can deal with our southern neighbour.", perhaps you should renew your prescription to "The world of UFO's" or MAD magazine. This would more aptly suit the intellect of a person who clearly does not enjoy the fact that he is a human being with potential to be so much more than an "arab" fighting for the "cause" as a matter of "principle".


  11. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Ya Shankleash ya Habibi, that's the way to go.... Witth you in everyway to say it or put it.
    BTW, you do have your own blog no? give me the link please....

  12. People kill and slaughter in the name of principles. It is the sad face of human beings. Hezbollah slaughter children in the name of Allah or of the Nth Imam or whatever. Shiahs all over the world should be ashamed that their faith is used for such an infamy.
    Israeli have been killing Lebanese too in the past, in the name of the defense of Israel (at least it is more logical: self preservation). I would say that the main difference between the two, apart from one using legal violence when the other usurpates a state rights, is that Israeli are a lot better at it.

    Hezbollah is not only a bunch or murderers, they are also really bad at it. Come on, anyone can kill a baby (if he has enough depravity) or snatch two dying soldiers out of an ambushed car to sell their bodies later.

    Understanding the long term necessity of surviving in a hostile environment, building a state and an economy in these conditions, that requires skills and intelligence. Anybody can destroy. It's a lot harder to rebuild. The main problem of Hezbollah is that it only destroys and then claims that the Lebanese state is too weak to rebuild, forgetting conveniently that it was the one who weakened it in the first place. Or at least contributed to it (let's not forget the incompetence of the Jumblats, Sinioras, Suleiman, etc.).

  13. The world now views Lebanon as Hezbollah/Sryia/Iran's puppet

    If war breaks out again, Lebanon WILL pay the price.

    Israel (who was restricted by Condi Rice in 2006) WILL take out major strategic targets that were not hit in 2006. Lebanon has done this to it'sself by supporting, as a national hero, Sammy the Kunt, child murderer & the kidnapping & extortion using the dead bodies of same.

    By Lebanon supporting Hezbollah's actions in 2006 and supporting Hezbollah's violation of UN ceasefire resolutions (by allowing them to rearm) Lebanon is now at fault.

    You, who have a decent moral compass will sadly pay the price. If it's not Israel in the next war, then Hezbollah/Syria/Iran taking over your country now...

    Some things are worse than civil war, one of these is the complete destruction of Lebanon. It is very likely that the cancer INSIDE your borders has gone terminal and there is nothing for you do do except flee as it is unlikely that the 5 billion invested in new rockets, bunkers, roads and military posts (Mount Sannine & others) will not go un-used...

    Israel's release of all Lebanese prisoners and corpses now will force hezbollah to move the goal posts to create new reasons to it's armed struggle..

    dont be surprised when they start shooting you...

  14. Arabic Coffee Pot8:55 PM

    What a ridiculous statement. You think Lebanese people are actually scared when you talk that way you pathetic little person?

    Don't try to cover Israel's miserable performance on the war by blaming it on Condi, even Israel's own commission recognized that its military performace was shit.

    The only thing it was good at was killing children. Ha! and you want to talk about Kuntar? He was among his kind for 30 years.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. arabic coffee pot said...
    What a ridiculous statement. You think Lebanese people are actually scared when you talk that way you pathetic little person?

    Dear Mr Coffee,

    You should be scared... You have insane Iranian/syrian masters that are willing to fight to the death of the last lebanese... And if Hezbollah starts another war, you will count your death in the 10's of thousands. That's doesnt SCARE you?

    Israel did so poorly you say... and yet 1200 lebanese are dead, 700-800 of them fighters, you say we killed children, fine, I can accept the fact that the shia use kids for human shields, not a problem, and yet, your not scared to see 300 kids die...

    as for punishment, hezboolah shot off 4000 rockets and TRIED to kil as many civilians as possible, but sad for your side, Israel put's shelters in homes, not ammo dumps and rockets...

    Puff up your chest and beat them, dont be scared...

    your people will not have 5.6 billion destroyed next time, but 20 billion, an you wont be scared..

    you will win, your people will be dead and your villages rubble, and you won and you will not be scared...


  17. tragedy accounting sux..


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