Friday, July 11, 2008

Gunmen Intercept Blogger on Sannine!

Last night I stumbled across this terrifying first-hand account of gunmen intercepting fellow blogger Liliane in the Jroud Zahle area of the mountain chain running from the town of Jezzine and through the Sannine mountains:
On Sunday 15 June 2008, I had a trip planned for my colleagues at work to go on ATV from Ouyoun el Simen to Zahleh through its deserted mountains, known as Jroud, have lunch in Zahle's Wadi Al Arayesh and come back. On our way ... in the middle of no where we were stopped by armed civil men, carrying AK47s. On the side there was a big white tent.

... After they believed that we were only on an adventure trip ... [we] were told never ever to pass by there again because it is a "military" region.

On our way back, we were stopped again, there was more armed men, and we can see them in far behind big rocks with their guns ready for any action. This time they wanted to search all males in the ATV convoy ... After they let us go, they were clear that this is a secure zone, a NO-ATV zone ... and not to pass from there ever again.

We were just trying to have fun.
All last month reports emerged of [presumed] Hizballah gunmen taking up positions along the crest of the Mount Lebanon mountain chain, intercepting and kidnapping picnicers and hikers enjoying the mountain, and declaring large swathes of it security zones.

In the Jezzine area, four farmers were rumored killed after they resisted Hizballah's confiscation of land they owned and needed for their sustenance. Hizballah placed a media blackout on the incident and reports remain surrounding it remained somewhat vague.

These reports, along with Liliane's first-hand account, provide tangible evidence of the preparations for war being undertaken. A war Hizballah plans to use to neutralize any Lebanese resistance to its ability to conduct operations conducive to a foreign agenda (Iran's) at the expense of Lebanon and the well being of its citizens.

These are not abstract notions people! Hizballah is driving us to another civil war ... May was just the prelude!


  1. "Preparations"? We're already in it... It is just that the fighting remains "low level", for now.

  2. Well I have two questions:

    1) What information leads you to suspect that this is a Hizbullah base?

    2) Why do you think that it is in preparation for a civil war and not, for example, preparations for an Iranian-Israel/US war or an Israeli invasion?


  3. 1) After last May. Pottery Barn rules apply to Hezb.

    2) You mean an Israeli invasion to follow the Iranian invasion that avenged the Syrian withdrawal and faced off a Saudi takeover?

    You're welcome.

  4. Hommos10:45 PM

    I was up in that area last week on a trip from Beirut to Ouyn el Simane down to Zahle and then on the backside of the mountain range heading south....just like many many other Lebanese who come here on vacation and wanna go for a nice little kazduura.....and hey guess what? I didn't see anything. Just lots of dry grass...very hot weather.
    There is lots of propaganda and lies going on o people who aren't actually in Lebanon should be careful where they get their news from. Like this Liliane person who for some reason thinks she's a hot shot reporter.

  5. Anonymous11:29 PM

    Thanks for the update nancy drew.
    While you're at it, maybe you should go down to jezzine to investigate the "lies" over there.

  6. True Blue11:31 PM

    Hommos, I think its pretty clear that you're the liar here ...

    Cheers mate!

  7. Why so aggressive against hommos!!!

    Anyways, hommos if you passed by and didn't see anything it means little... you may have been in the wrong place or they moved camp (as I would expect if these reports are true).

    But so far no one has answered my questions above!

  8. Son of Lebanon, my little doubting Thomas, here is what you're looking for.

    Hommos, piece of advice, get a life.

  9. What the bloody hell? These Hezbastards, if that's in fact who they were, have better leave Sannin alone. I grew up with that mountain as my morning and evening greeting. And now Hezbastards are going to sunset its beauty to make room for their miserable machinations?

  10. Jimmy5:33 PM

    Its true pierre, go to the link BSJ provided!

  11. I STAND CORRECTED and have included your link in my 'doubting thomas' post ;)


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