Saturday, July 12, 2008

Army Intel Confirms Hizballah Mountain Deployments

NOWLebanon and Nahar Al-Shabab (Nahar's youth magazine) have revealed a Lebanese Army Intelligence report on incidents involving gunmen threatening and kidnapping citizens in the Sannine Mountain regions, as well as declaring portions of the mountain ridge a "military zone".

According to the report, the gunmen were, as previously suspected, Hizballah militiamen, from NOWLebanon we have:
Nahar Ash-Shabab managed to obtain an official document issued by the Lebanese army’s Intelligence Directorate on ... June 22, 2008, at 5:33 p.m., describing the incident as follows:

“Najib Nicolas Tabcharani was driving his Land Rover along with Roukoz Boulos al-Khoury Hanna (head of the Baskinta Kataeb local office) in addition to Salim Fouad Abu Haidar, who was driving a white Mercedes Jeep in the company of Joe Akl (head of the Kataeb Discipline Service) and Michel Fouad Abi Hayla. The five men were touring an area of Mount Sannine (…) located at around a one-hour drive after the Sannine restaurants. As they were on their way, eight unknown and armed masked men riding a camouflaged white Toyota fired in their direction in order to force them to stop. Al-Khoury Hanna emerged from the first car to see what this was all about, and the passengers in the second car were all arrested, whereas al-Tabcharani alone managed to evade them. The armed men claimed to be Hezbollah militants manning an observation position in the area in order to prevent any Israeli airdrop. All [five Kataeb] partisans were released unharmed at 2:00 p.m. after one of them had made a phone call. The abovementioned five men discovered that there was a Hezbollah camp some 10 km away from their location.”

This incident occurred one week after Hizballah militiamen, operating along the same ridge line, intercepted fellow blogger Liliane and others on an ATV ride through the area.

In Jezzine, the report quotes local residents and security sources who testify to Hizballah's thuggish confiscation of locals' farmland and property, and their use of the properties to build concrete-reinforced defensive bunkers and forward rocket launchpads.


  1. Anonymous4:48 AM

    The surrender of Lebanon continues.

  2. Anonymous8:27 AM

    YEP thats correct anon but thankfully hizbteezee is the "pride" of lebanon according to el presidente al dente. Enough with the "pride" bullshit already! How about some "HUMILITY" from the scum sucking politicians whos bloated egos are approaching unmanageable proportions along with some "RECOGNITION" of the fact there are still people in this country who bleed to make a living and deserve a little respect and relief NOW!!!

    Welcome to the brave new world! Welcome to the world of Lahoud II!!


  3. Now that both Amal and Hizballah are in the newly formed gov, not to mention Qanso, how are things going to develop in Lebanon?

    March 14 should have fought tooth and nail to gain the trust of the Shia community; they did not. How else are they going to counter Hizballah's actions?! The conflict is far from being over in Lebanon.

  4. I'm feeling very depressed on how things seem to be going in Lebanon :(

  5. Vox P.7:57 PM

    A good Hezbozo is a dead Hezbozo.

  6. Anonymous1:35 AM

    Hezbollah will fight until the State of deptuty of the hidden Imam is declared in the Lebanon...

  7. ANON 6:35; The Lebanon will not tolerate Hizb...

    Short term answers will not wipe away Hizbophenomen... huge changes are required in Lebanon but they do not come from hate mongering or quick fixes or violence...

    So if you expected everything to be nice and rosey after the 'end' of Syrian occupation... have more patience, less hate, and stay in your country.

  8. Less patience and less hate is all good and rosy. But frankly, what can you do when mafia are thugging your land under the false pretext of preparing against an imaginary invasion. What can patriots do against Hezbollah? Apart pray and bend over, I mean?

    I agree that violence and killing don't solve anything. But isn't there a point where, when everything else has failed, there is no other solution? Shouldn't the Lebanese Army try and disarm Hezbollah? I mean there is absolutely no reason for this movement to have weapons and even less to use them against their fellow citizens.

  9. Anonymous12:33 AM

    While the L.A. is ignoring this development, it has recently moved in to occupy a portion of the Shebaa Farms that Israel withdrew from in 2000, but is claimed by Syria.

    Is this what Sleiman meant when he declared that if necessary Lebanon would regain the S.F. by force?


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