Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Al Jazeera's Lebanon: The Audacity of Hope III + IV


  1. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Hitti seems pretty good, but overall its just another Bush-bashing session

  2. Exactly. And I would add that it is an extremely optimistic show. Arab panelists were just saying how nice the Arab League is and there was very little about the real problems of Lebanon, Israel, Syria or Palestine. I would be very surprised if, as stated by the Egyptian MP, there would be any continuation of a "positive trend" in the Middle-East. Except of course, if the "positive trend" she alludes is the "reelection" of Mubarak in Egypt (or of his corrupt son Gamal, as everything seems to point to). What I think will occur in the Middle-East in the next years will be a sclerosis of everyone's positions, with minor adjustments (peaceful or not) reflecting the microscopic variations in the regional balance of power. Authoritarian regimes will stay in place, Lebanon will continue to be the crab basket it is, Israel will continue to oppress Palestinians and Palestinians will continue to answer to it by the only mean they know: rocket attacks and suicide bombings, perpetuating the dominance of the violent mafia groups (Hamas, Islamic Jihad) who feed on their sorry backs. And of course, Hezbollah will continue to use that pretext to screw Lebanon and kill Lebanese citizens on behalf of Iran and Syria.


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