Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The 1979 Crime

In this photo dated April 22, 1979, made available by Israel's Maariv Tuesday, July 15, 2008, Lebanese militant Samir Kantar is escorted by Israeli security forces on the coast near Nahariya, northern Israel. Kantar, then 16, was one of four militants who made their way in a rubber dinghy from Lebanon to Israel's northern shore in 1979 and attacked an apartment building in the coastal city of Nahariya, 5 miles (8 kilometers) from the Lebanese border. Israeli Danny Haran, 28, and his daughter Eynat, 4, were killed by Kantar, and Haran's younger daughter Yael, 2, was accidentally smothered to death by her mother Smadar as the two were hiding from the attackers.(AP Photo/Paul Melling, Maariv, HO)

In this undated family photo made available by Israel's Maariv newspaper,Tuesday, July 15, 2008, Israeli Danny Haran, killed by Lebanese militant Samir Kantar on April 22, 1979, is seen with his daughters Eynat,4, left, and Yael, 2, at the times of their deaths, in the coastal town of Nahariya, northern Israel. Kantar, then 16, was one of four militants who made their way in a rubber dinghy from Lebanon to Israel's northern shore in 1979 and attacked an apartment building in the coastal city of Nahariya, 5 miles (8 kilometers) from the Lebanese border. Danny Haran and his daughter Eynat were killed by Kantar, and Yael was accidently smothered to death by her mother Smadar as the two were hiding from the attackers. (AP Photo/Maariv,HO)

[images and commentary courtesy of Yahoo!News]


  1. This is what the prescient Charles Corm had to say about today, seventy five years ago.

    J’entends dans les pactes,
    Sous les arcs de lauriers,
    Se dresser par milliers
    De rouges échafauds ;

    J’entends la peur et la stupeur
    Etrangler la confiance ;
    Des couronnes de fleurs
    Et des pelles de fossoyeurs
    Enterrer l’innocence ;
    Et la fidélité sombrer dans les caveaux…

    J’entends le son inique
    Et sardonique
    De l’or qui passe de mains en mains,
    Avec quoi l’on achète
    Des amis, des clients,
    Des pontifes, des poètes
    Et avec quoi l’on vend
    Son frère, sa mère et ses enfants
    … sa conscience et son esprit,…
    Son âme et son pays…

    Shame on us for allowing this day of national mourning to masquerade as a celebration!!!

  2. Jimmy5:44 PM

    we got 5 people back, 4 who wouldn't have been there were it not for Hizbo's war and 1 who was a deluded teenager...


  3. Sad indeed... I just hope for his soul the poor bastard didn't really realized what he was doing then.

  4. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Kantar.. A criminal and a thug.. What else do we expect from Hizb except the raising of such scum as hero's.

    Anyone that kills children or any innocence on either side is nothing more than a piece of shit.

    I agree with the above. 4 that wouldnt have been there f it wasnt for Hizb and 1 who was a dillusional teenager who was caught up in things he didnt fully understand.

    I am ashamed to call him Lebanese or be associated with him. I hope he seeks salvation for his crimes and is repentant.

    Let them celebrate today but lets hope they do not take us to more trouble in the near future!

  5. Anonymous7:34 PM

    No Lebanese blogs that I've visited have been happy about this

  6. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Shunkleash says:

    yes let us give praise and thanks for the safe return of our brave hero samir kantar. Lets all go to down town and babda and thank our PM and pres for their wisdom, vision, steadfastness and arabness. If it was not for them we would not have a holiday today! Welcome home samir, you belong here along with all our scum politicians and the gangsters and pices of shit of hizballah!


  7. Tfeh indeed. Today Lebanon was put to rest within the "mass grave" of all those who pissed on human rights in the name of "jihad, moukawameh...etc". Today Hizbullah has won recognition from even those they "slaughtered" on May 7th. This is a sad day for Lebanon, and for what remains of "true Lebanese".
    TFEH !

  8. Reading your post and your comments convince me that there is hope after all. But I'll let my onw angry words stand for the time being, as I'm in a pissy and belligerent mood. This was manifestly not a good day.

  9. I find it interesting that u title your post a crime. I would have called it a "crime". Not because I agree with the killing of civilians but because I have no trust in the Israeli judicial system when it comes to dealings with the Arab-Israeli conflict. Let's remind ourselves that South Lebanon was at the time occupied by Israel and that Lebanese civilians were being slaughtered as well. This was a time of open conflict. It is hppocrctical to be shocked by this event when 200.000 Lebanese were being slaughtered by other Lebanese.

    What Hezbollah is doing with the release of prisoners today is a different story.


  10. Joseph, your argument doesn't make any sense. The fact that other crimes occurred in Lebanon doesn't negate the fact that this was a crime in itself.

    And it certainly doesn't erase the fact that Hizballah took us to war, and wrecked the lives of thousands of Lebanese, not for this man, but to put on a show to distract us from all their other activities [and crimes!] with this man.

    Its an insult to our ethics and our intelligence.

  11. Let's leave the Hezbollah issue to one side because I dont think we are in disagreement on that matter.

    I am only saying that the fact we disagree with Hezbollah should not make us forget that at the time of the operation carried out by Kuntar in 79, South Lebanon had been occupied by the Israeli army for 1 year and what followed in 1982 was a bloody invasion resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent Lebanese civilians.

    IDF soldiers were never put on trial for these deeds and the Israeli nation never apologised for them so why should we adopt a pseudo-pacifist approach in singling out these killings out of thousands of others.

    The Israelis are not our friends, lets not fall in the trap of taking their accounts of an event as the unquestionable truth.


  12. Anonymous6:10 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. Israeli are not friends of lebanon, that's a fact. But they are not its ennemies per se either. Unlike Syria and Hezbollah, Israel does recognize the existence of Lebanon in its historical borders and wants nothing else than a peaceful Lebanon with a State strong enough to control its territory and its borders. Joseph, you fail to realize who the true enemies are.

    Yes, the Israeli judicial system is not perfect, but at least it exists (unlike the Lebanese one). Yes, many Israeli crimes have remained unpunished, but at least they don't condone these crimes (unlike too many Lebanese). Yes, Israeli have killed children too, but I really doubt that they did it on purpose (unlike Qantar, the "hero").

    So please, let's call a spade a spade and Qantar act a crime, without any other conditions. A crime remains a crime and there is no excuse for it.

  14. Joseph, you started off talking about intra-Lebanese violence and now you've turned to Israel's invasion/occupation.

    I assure you, no one is defending Israel's actions.

    What we're saying is that if you kill a child then thats a criminal act, whether you do it from the comfort of an F-16 or with your bare hands. Both acts should be condemned, and thats what we're doing here (as we did with respect to Israel's bombing of civilians throughout the July War).

  15. The world is full of criminals whether they wear uniforms or not. Kantar is neither better nor worse.

    This dscussion isnt going anywhere but for the sake of your blog's reputation you shouldnt allow commentators from insulting each other. I wont return the favour to the earlier comment by the highly intelligent anonymous but please take note.



  16. Joseph, Note taken.

    But I still don't get your point. Qantar is neither better or worse, but thats what we're saying: using him as a pretext for war is a lie meant to cover other agendas and we're not buying it. Thats what we're saying, but what are you saying?

  17. Joseph,

    They're all criminals. But that doesn't justify knowingly, willingly, killing civilians, not least children.

    The Israeli sniper who shoots at Palestinian children is an evil criminal as well. But Qantar's unique evil is to have done the deed "manually". It takes a special kind of evil to kill someone with one's bare hands, and to feel the life flowing away without cringing. The guy's a psychopath.

  18. Jade.

    Thank you for removing the earlier comment.

    To reiterate my point. Samir Qantar denies shooting the girl (he said it again on Al Manar).He might be lying but I would still personally treat the Israeli version with caution. If Qantar did do it the way they say then fair enough but it wont be the first time the Israelis twist the truth to suit their purpose.

    Jeha I agree that it takes a special person to carry out that act but context can turn ordinary people into monsters.The Lebanese civil war saw normal ordinary citizens turn into killers overnight.

    And again, please do not take my comments as supportive of the Hezbollah actions. Hezbollah doesnt care about Kantar just as it doesnt care about Shebaa or the dead Palestinian fighters (your piece above on the issue is excellent). This is only another way for them to appear as a patriotic pan-arab cross-sectarian party but we all know that the reality is more sinister.


  19. Ahhh, I love the smell of excuses for monsters! And the rich aroma of cognitive dissonance, too - beautiful!

    The bottom line is simple - Lebanon became Hizballah in Israeli eyes. Until the orgies in Kuntar's honor, Israelis were pretty sympathetic to the Lebanese. The latter were seen as Nasrallah's hostages, just normal people who happened to have a bunch of monsters hiding among them. Incredible care was taken in regards to not harming Lebanese civilians even when rockets were being fired from schoolyards.

    No longer, though. Now every Lebanese is a Samir Kuntar to your average Israeli. When the Party of God will attack Israel again, there will be no mercy. Because one way or another, Lebanon became Kuntarland.


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