Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Hazardous Hobby

"Since 2003, 64 people have been arrested for publishing their views on a blog, says the University of Washington annual report.

In 2007 three times as many people were arrested for blogging about political issues than in 2006, it revealed.

More than half of all the arrests since 2003 have been made in China, Egypt and Iran, said the report."

Not to mention the growing number of Syrian bloggers being arrested every year by that country's regime. A regime that once occupied Lebanon and tried to smother our own free media by shutting television stations during that occupation; murdering journalists in the aftermath of its forced withdrawal from [most of] our territory; and raiding, ransacking, and burning down television stations and other media outlets [through its proxies] in its attempt to return to dominance in Lebanon.

But back to blogging (for now). An excellent resource for bloggers is the website for the Committee for the Protection of Bloggers (CPB) which includes "Safer Blogging" tools and guides. Here is their story on Tarek Baiasi, another arrested Syrian blogger, and here is the Reporters Without Borders version.


  1. Anonymous12:48 AM

    Typical action by the criminal minority Alawite sectarian fascist Syrian regime of Bashar Al Assad and his clic...

  2. Anonymous11:16 PM


    Devil in the details. In some instances referring to an individual arrested in the U.S. simply as a "blogger" is somewhere below the list of facts that child pornography or a child custody dispute was actually the cause of the arrest.


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