Thursday, May 22, 2008

Website Upgrades

As some of you might [or might not] have noticed, I've made a few changes and updates to the website I wanted to highlight.

The two updates I'm most excited about are the newly introduced Blacksmith Briefs and Analysis Alley sections of the blog.
  • Blacksmith Briefs [left sidebar, top] allows me to put up little quips, quotes, notes, rumors, and tidbits of news without having to write a whole new post every time. Its powered by Twitter so that means you can receive Blacksmith Briefs on your cell phone as sms without any charge (additional to your regular sms charge), if thats what you're into.
  • The Analysis Alley [left sidebar, middle, under the Blogosphere Feeds and Portals +Aggregators sections] allows the reader to browse analysis on the situation in Lebanon from a a variety of respected sources. The tool should be viewed as complimentary to the regular News and Blog feeds already on the site.
And speaking of News feeds, my regular Lebanon News Feeds section [right sidebar, top] received quite an update, now incorporating incoming news from the Dailystar, NOWLebanon, and Naharnet. The same goes for the Business News Feeds section [left sidebar, bottom, under Political Parties section].

Meanwhile, I've now combined Google News + Blog Feeds into one section [right sidebar, bottom, under Interesting Links section]. I've always found that the Google feeds allow for some variety and randomness in the material portrayed on the site and can therefore be quite useful, even though its not as used as the other feeds.

Remember, you can always find some of our older features readily accessible, such as Blacksmith of Lebanon RSS feed [rigt sidebar, bottom] and Blacksmith of Lebanon Google site search [both left sidebar, top], and you can contact us anytime at our email address:

blacksmithsoflebanon at gmail dot com

with questions, comments, or posts you would like to put up.

Oh, and I always forget to mention this, but if you're interested in going through analysis/opinion posts on this site sorted by subject category, or if you'd simply rather read the lenghty posts with a white background, then check out MY "Analysis Warehouse" blog Cedar Mountain.


  1. Great Job man, just a small suggestion if I may.

    The Blacksmith Brief is a very useful feature (for you and for your readers), but it is way below the fold and If you didn't point to it, I wouldn't have known about it. (a very small percentage of web surfers scrolls down the page if the main content -your posts- is not updated)

    As a fast instrument to communicate quickly with your readers, I think it would ideally be placed where your RSS logo is currently. It's an excellent vehicle for messages like: "I can't blog today", and it would be the first thing your visitors see.

    My 2 cents.

    Thanks for the great job you're doing...

  2. Hey Mustapha,

    Thanks for the welcome advice, I took it. BV also emailed me saying the same thing. Good eye guys. :)


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