Saturday, May 31, 2008

Suleiman's 1st Foreign Visit as President

Blacksmiths of Lebanon Polls are back! Our regular readers will recall that we stayed true to our pledge to keep a frozen poll of our reader's choice of President until obstructions to Presidential elections were removed and Lebanon's Presidency was restored. With the election of Suleiman we can now unfreeze our Blacksmith Polls and open them up to new questions and issues.

Readers will be able to access the latest poll (along with past polls) via a banner in the left sidebar (try it out!). This format is a bit different from the past but it will allow us to minimize the space used on the sidebar for the polls.

In any case, here is the first poll of the new series, I haven't decided how long the polls will be up for (say 2-3 weeks for starters) but hopefully they'll generate the same excitement the old ones used to (and more!)

Feel free to elaborate on your vote in the comments section and/or drop us some ideas for future polls ... alright, enough out of me, let the voting begin!


  1. I'm one of the few who chose "Saudi Arabia"... What, no one likes the money anymore?

    Don't forget that those Saudi tourists are what makes the economy works; Iran's "clean money" will last only so long.

  2. Lalebanessa11:38 AM

    ...anything as long as it's not Syria.

    finally, someone is being realistic!

  3. I'd say Egypt.

  4. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Between France and Qatar, those whotruly look out for us.

    Or to visit the Lebanese expatriates in Canada. The US? too soon. Wait for a Democrat to be elected, nobody is taking Bush seriously, even though his blunt intentions towards the middle east.

    I voted for France.

  5. Sharku10:09 PM

    Obama is NOT going to be the next president of the US. We here in the US are not ready to comit suicide just yet. We will have a rough times ahead with McCain and a democrat Congress. If Obama does win it, there will be no stopping Iran/Syria from dominating the Middle East, if that is your choice you may be real unhappy with the outcome.

  6. I would be really flattered if he chooses France, but, let's be realistic, the only decent choice would be the UN (or Qatar). Only these two would not be seen as endorsing one of Lebanon's "foreign patrons". Going to the UN would also be a subtle message to Hizbollah... One they probably would not appreciate truly, but who cares?

  7. The Other Tony3:04 PM

    i also chose qatar for no reason other than that is where the accord between the two camps took place.

  8. No visit, returning to Lebanon would be too risky afterwards.

  9. Well, he is finally going to Paris... So that's nice. But of course, now even Sarkozy and Kouchner are talking to the Syrians and the Iranians, so I guess it is safe for him to meet them. Poor Lebanon and poor France...

  10. Yup, you're absolutely right Alphast.

    This poll is now closed at 162 votes, thanks for voting and check out our newest polls!


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