Thursday, May 08, 2008


  • Throughout the day, Al-Manar (Hizballah mouthpiece) has been showing images pro-government politicians/figures dating back to the Lebanon's civil war [specifically Druze politician Akram Chehayeb].

  • NewTV has reported that over 100 cars were stolen overnight in Beirut ... presumably to be used as barricades?
What else, what else...

...oh yeah!
  • Hassan Nasrallah has called on the Lebanese, as well as the Arab and Muslim world, to ignore the reality of the images on their television sets, and to ignore the statements of Lebanon's [Sunni] Grand Mufti outlining Hizballah's dragging of the Shiite community into a conflict with the nation's Sunnis. Instead Nasrallah urged his constituents to turn their attentions to Druze chieftain, Walid Jumblatt - in an effort to deflect the emerging Sunni-Shiite fighting and stop the unveiling of his group as an Iranian proxy-militia ... oh, and you can forget about them ceding control of the airport to its rightful owners, the Lebanese and the Lebanese state.

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