Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Pyrrhic Defeat

For Hizballah, the prospect of exiting this most severe of crises with anything resembling a positive [let alone a victory], seems dauntingly distant. As the dust settles, Lebanon’s besieged (literally!) government remains in place, its fortitude continuously reinforced by the common disgust felt across the nation at the fact that the Iranian-backed group turned its weapons on the capital and the mountain.

In its domestic political confrontations, Hizballah’s aggressions have left it completely bankrupt. Reminding us of the obscure reason for which the country was made to pay such a heavy toll this week, a NOWLebanon editorial writes:
Even if it achieved its initial demands – that the government rescind the phone network investigation and revoke the Shqeir sacking – it would look foolish; such gains would never justify the level of violence and trauma inflicted in the last week.
Indeed. Not only do the most recent of the group’s political demands/rejections pale in comparison to the devastation wrought by its assault, but as do the feigned calls for greater government participation, a new electoral law, and a veto on the choice of the next president over which it, and its allies, paralyzed the country for over 18 months. Twice now the group has taken the country to war, and twice at times when the country’s parliamentary majority has sought to engage it over its weapons - whether through dialogue [as in the national dialogues pre-empted by the launch of the July War] or by decree [as was the case with this war].

Fully eroded are the moral dictations of the group’s humming propaganda machine in light of the gravity of the violence it has precipitated. Reports of atrocities, as a result [whether direct or indirect] of the assault, have given fuel to a deep-seated desire in the country’s populace to see their country transformed into one in which militant groups and militias have no part. And fully ridiculous have been the propaganda machine’s indictments of the weapons of resisting neighborhoods, villages, and towns in light of the falling rockets, mortars, and artillery shells launched by Hizballah against them.

If you really want to laugh, consider that the noisiest indictments of the broad presence of weapons in the country have come from those parties and groups which enjoyed the most favour throughout the country’s fifteen year Syrian occupation. An occupation in which militia, paramilitary, and terrorist groups where actively maintained in order to foment the strife and discord [if it was ever needed] that could justify the presence of 40,000 Syrian occupation troops on Lebanese soil.

Indeed, many in Lebanon today believe that the pattern of violence in the country over the past three summers is part of a continuation of the Syrian strategy to incite violence and open an internationally-sanctioned path allowing a return of Syrian domination to the country – undoubtedly to restore order to the chaos started by Syria’s local co-conspirators.

Now a week into the assault, occupation, and [partial, if not superficial] delivery of its capital city back to those who should have guarded it in the first place, Lebanon is slowly reawakening to the damage inflicted on it and its institutions by an ordeal who’s end seems nowhere in sight. What remains clear, for now, however, is that Hizballah and its masters have suffered a critical defeat.


  1. Anonymous7:48 PM

    any dea when the airport might open up?
    my plane was suppose to leave today at 7 to go to Lebanon but its being held off until the airports open...


  2. Anonymous7:58 PM

    sit tight elvis, u're not going anywhere soon

  3. Anonymous8:21 PM

    got called by aircanada. my flight has been moved to may 28 and if the aiport opens sooner than my flight will be sooner :)


  4. Anonymous8:52 PM

    this post is clearly one sided. lebanese have a hard time thinking outside the box of their own sect.

    the anger at hezbollah is not as widespread as you describe. half the population is shia, and they aren't mad like you suggest.

    and what a whitewashing of the M14 and government. armed by the US, implementing the USraeli agenda in lebanon, actively plotting against hezballah...does this not factor in at all?

    i'm not justifying anything that HA did but just setting the balance right.

    there is no neutral "institution" in this conflict.

    there are two political sides: one against and one for resistance to USraeli plans.

    there are two hostile political camps and that's it.

  5. Anonymous9:44 PM

    good post, goes well with this post I read as well

    keep it up

  6. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Samar, a Beirut resident, spoke for a growing number of Shia when she told NOW Lebanon, “I’ve never liked Hezbollah and never supported their politics, but I thought [of them as] another party in Lebanon, whose opinions should be respected. But now, I think they have crossed the line.”

  7. Bad Vilbel12:03 AM

    What a bunch of bullshit in the 4th comment up there.

    Why is it that anytime anyone tries to do anything you don't agree with, you call it "US conspiracy"?

    Hey guess what. I can play that game too. Hassan Nassrallah is an Israeli agent. My great aunt told me so. His turning his weapons against the Lebanese is part of the US conspiracy. Just because i said so.


    Apologies to BJ for the rude language on his blog, but I'm tired of this childish discourse. If people want to have a civil debate using facts and figures, I'm all for it. But if everytime someone disagrees, they resort to the "US conspiracy, Israeli agent" comment. There really is no point in arguing anything with these people. They already have a pre-made answer for everything: Zionist conspiracy.
    It's like trying to talk to a 5 year old.

  8. Apologies to BJ for the rude language on his blog, but I'm tired of this childish discourse.

    BV: I'm tired of it too.

  9. Yea, I think most anybody that knows about Lebanon, Gaza, or for that matter the whole of the Middle East is sick and tired...and running out of patience with the whole damn thing.

    But, if people's freedom is at stake, America will not turn a blind eye nor a deaf ear anymore. Those days are gone. Don't let anyone fool you that if the democrats get control it will be any different. Even if the terrorist groups think that Obama will give them the Middle East and most of the rest of the world. There are too many people, democrats, republicans, and the rest of us hodge-poge Americans that won't let that happen.

    But let them dream and even count on it, it will make it the more rude surprise when they get their ass handed to them and no virgins but Virginians meet them at the heavenly gates.

    Sorry, got off on a tear there.

    But, the ground truth to the matter, just like in Iran, the people of those areas are going to have to fight back, any and every way they can. Liberty and Freedom come at a high price and those that want it must step up to it and do what is needed.

    They can count on help from others, but only when those others see that they are willing to die for their beliefs and for their freedom.

    Just like America had to do once a couple of hundred years ago, and when the French saw that we were serious and willing to die for our new country, they came to our aid. Without them, we would most likely have failed at that time. But we would have never, ever given up. Living under terrorist govenments and tyrants is just not what Americans will do.

    And that is what other peoples of the world need to do.

    Papa Ray

  10. Anonymous2:53 AM

    Shiites are no more than 28% of the population so I bet that the majority of the Lebanese want to disarm Hezbollah...

  11. I'm tired of this childish discourse

    You must realize that there is an entire network that does nothing but promote Hezbollah ideology. They actually have training classes for this.

    Ignore it as it is all meaningless.

    Good job lately - Blacksmiths always "shine" when War comes and you have good info and sources.

    Keep up the good work - it will devolve to "politics" but masks have fallen and HA will be working like crazy to re-write the history of their attack on Lebanon.

  12. Best of luck, Blacksmith, and thank you for your work bringing this news [though I'm certainly not the sort of audience you probably have in mind ^^;].

    Well, this little Australian is grateful anyway :3
    Have a good one (or a better one anyway...)

  13. Anonymous6:13 AM

    "They already have a pre-made answer for everything: Zionist conspiracy"

    Coming from the "whatever happens its Syrias fault" gang this comment is laughable.

    "bet that the majority of the Lebanese want to disarm Hezbollah"

    Fine get your the feudal lords that you love so much to call an election and we'll find out.

    "But let them dream and even count on it, it will make it the more rude surprise when they get their ass handed to them and no virgins but Virginians meet them at the heavenly gates"

    Once the Iraqi resistance is finished with them they are welcome to come here and try. Just dont complain too loudly when they bomb yours and everyone elses house in the process.

  14. Anonymous6:21 AM

    u're welcome to go live in syria if u're so keen to defend the syrians anonymous (11:13 pm). Just don't scream too loud when they're torturing ur ass for visiting a blogger website!

  15. Bad Vilbel6:26 AM

    Except I never said "Whatever happens is Syria's fault."

    That's the difference. You just made that up, Mr. Anonymous.

    Tell you what, why don't you go to some other blog where all you little 5-year olds can play together and let the grown-ups talk.
    Again, show me where I said "Everything is Syria's fault"...I didn't. You're a liar and a hypocrite.

  16. Bad Vilbel6:29 AM

    And for the record, I am not a big fan of the corrupt feudal lords and never have been, and have been ripping them new ones for the past 2 years, including calling them incompetent imbeciles for the past 18 months for the way they've completely failed to govern.

    So again, you might want to look up the saying "Two wrongs don't make a right".

    Your kind seems to have one and only one "comeback" anytime someone calls you out. "But you're guy is just as bad" or something to that effect. Right, and that makes things better?

    This will be my last response here.
    Thx for listening.

  17. Anonymous10:38 AM

    There is talk that the Beirut airport might open as early as tonight (15/05)

  18. Well, it's time for Lebanese to wake up and create political organisations that refuse any sectarian appellation or any violence that isn't institutional. It is time Lebanese disarm all militias and give the monopoly of bearing weapons to the Army and Police, as it should be in any civilized country. It is time for Lebanon to shake off the old sectarian institutional system inherited from colonization time and grow up to become a truly modern country, not half a colony of Iran or Syria and the other half a colony of Saudi Arabia.

  19. Arabic Coffee Pot3:35 PM

    Yeah Alphast, but the events of this week will just push each community into its old time traditional groupings, defending each village and area in the traditional way, against attacks from other sects.

    This is what Hizballah recreated in Lebanon today.

  20. Anonymous4:18 PM

    AFP: Beirut’s Rafik Hariri International Airport resumes commercial flights.

  21. Anonymous5:54 PM

    The Shias of Lebanon represent at least 40% of the whole population. And most of them support the National Lebanese Resistance: Hezbollah.

    It is absolutely ridiculous to say they are mad at the Resistance Group. I honestly don't know where you go and get your information from but you definitely need to re-check that.

    Hezbollah is even more popular and supported now than ever before. And not only by Shi'ites, but by Christians, Sunnis and Druzes.

    God bless Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

  22. Arabic Coffee Pot6:35 PM

    Wow... this guy (anon, 10:54 am) serious? I mean how can he even take himself seriously?

    I love the part about the Christians, Sunnis and Druzes.

    Listen buddy, you can kid yourself, or delude yourself all you want but plz don't try to sell that crap here.

    Go ask the Shiites who have to live in fear of their neighbours now in Beirut how grateful they are to Nasrallah (who's no Sayyed). Go ask the Shiite Mufti of Sur how grateful he is to Hizballah for occupying his home and destroying his offices. Go ask the people of the south, lining up to get their passports to get the hell out of there, how grateful they are for Hizballah's use of their land and their blood as a launching pad for Iran...

    ...what a crock.


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