Thursday, May 08, 2008

Pushed Over the Cliff

The news today is not good. Gunfights in mixed Sunni-Shiite areas of Beirut persist while Hizballah/Amal have continued to block new roads with dirt, rubble, wrecked cars, sand mounds, and now cement blocks.

Amplifying the fault lines drawn up by yesterday's events [and indeed by Hizballah's and Amal's continued pro-Syrian/anti-Lebanese-state stances since the Cedar Revolution (and before)], the Higher Shiite Islamic Council, has come out in support of the destructive actions started yesterday, calling on the government to reverse its decisions and cede control of airport security to Hizballah while leaving the group's weapons and telecommunications network untouched. The move wasn't a surprise, given that the Council has been made up of Amal (and therefore Syria) yes-men for quite some time now, nonetheless it was a disappointment.

The Council's stance will count as yet another sad note in the history of Lebanon's Shiites, who's leaders - political and religious - have now opened the door fully to a confrontation between the sect and the rest of the Lebanese. A confrontation whose sole benefit will be to those who control strings on which these puppet leaders dance, strings that go all the way back to Damascus and Tehran...

...meanwhile others try to stop the fall.

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