Friday, May 09, 2008

Militia Exposed

A Hezbollah gunman reacts after clashes in a street in the Bchara el Khoury area in Beirut May 9, 2008.(Mohamed Azakir/Reuters)

While allowing much of the fighting to go on, the Army is said to be taking up some positions throughout parts of the city that have quieted down. For their part, the leaders of the various anti-Syrian parties have called on the Army to takeover the offices from which their partisans were confronting the attacking Hizballah militiamen.

If things continue along these lines, the end-result of the fighting we are witnessing might very well be the Army's assumption of control over the capital - once it all cools down, and given that the fighting is limited to the capital [something Hizballah and its pro-Syrian allies might try to avoid starting tonight or tomorrow].

If the end result of all this is Beirut coming under the control of the Army, and therefore under the control of its Commander, Michel Suleiman - something that could have come about by peaceful means, then Hizballah will have been exposed as a militia ready and willing to use its weapons against fellow Lebanese [over a dozen dead and dozens more wounded over the past few days].

Nothing justifies what is going on today. There is no going back now, and the only way forward will entail the disarming of the militia that has taken over our capital and [once again] drawn blood between the Lebanese.


  1. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Don't forget the posters of Assad that HA has plastered all over the place. Nothing like removing any doubt about the real allegiance of HA.

  2. Anonymous2:35 AM

    "...therefore under the control of its Commander, Michel Suleiman..."

    And HA is in control of Suleiman!

    "...Something that could have come about by peaceful means..."

    But now we don't have to deal with "those pesky M14"!

    Bunch of thugs, pardon my french, but damn be nasrallah's father and the all of the Hezb'o-Harb


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