Saturday, May 17, 2008

Map: Hizballah Communications Network

French website has revealed an exclusive map it alleges details the Hizballah communications network over which took the group took the country to war last week when the Lebanese government decreed it to be illegal.

According to the site, Lebanese intelligence services had traced the landlines which were installed by companies with strong links to the Iranian-backed group. Based on information relayed by Arab journalists based in Beirut, the map was then constructed with help from information provided by provided the Progressive Socialist Party (PSP) headed by Walid Jumblatt, and of which Lebanon's Minister of Telecommunications, Marwan Hamadeh, is a part.

The presence of the communications network was revealed by Hamadeh in August of 2007. It accompanied allegations, raised by Jumblatt, that Hizballah was engaged in a significant land-grab aimed at linking a number of its power-bases throughout the country.

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