Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Man of Paticular Perspectives

Reading the Qatari PM's statements during the press conference in which the Doha talks were proposed, I couldn't help but notice something (emphasis mine):
The Qatari premier acknowledged that politically divergent Lebanese leaders held “many opinions,” and noted that Free Patriotic Movement leader General Michel Aoun, a major Christian Hezbollah ally, had a “particular perspective” on the presidency and government, but ultimately responded to the committee.
For those of you not yet familiar with the General's "particular perspective", let me enlighten you: Michel Aoun thinks he [and no one else] should be the next President. Specifically the General objected to Army Commander Michel Suleiman being explicitly named the consensus presidential candidate in the Arabs' proposal.

To tell you the truth, there is a lot that can be said about this man and his particular perspective but none of it is good. His gamble on Hizballah's success in overthrowing the country's parliamentary majority and sweeping him to the Presidency is now in its last throes, having caused his country and his community devastating damage. There was never a chance that, in the give and take that defines any negotiation, Hizballah would sacrifice an ever important cabinet seat [that could garner it a blocking third] in order to put Aoun on the presidential seat. In Doha, after the defeats suffered in the course of their assault, they will end up with neither.

On the anniversary of his return to Lebanon - which now coincides with the anniversary of the launch of Hizballah's failed coup - NOWLebanon has came out with an informative and entertaining graphical representation depicting the drastic decline of this man of particular perspectives' popularity and political presence in the wake of his blunders since the 2005 parliamentary elections. It's a shame it can't be updated to reflect the utter disdain for the man on the Christian street following last week's event, but its a good read anyway.


  1. Abu Jaafar3:15 AM

    As a former supporter of Aoun's positions regarding Hizbullah's weapons and many other issues highlighted in the FPM's charter (antisectarian, building a state, blah blah), I would like to say that defending the man was a huge blunder (see the previous posts I have written on this blog). I began to realize this following his increasingly (and explicitly) anti-Sunni jargon, coupled with the events beginning in January of 2007.

    I think its clear: Syria did not want to give him the presidency in the last years of the civil war... and he ended up launching one of the most irresponsible wars. In other words, this man declares war on all those who oppose his bid for presidency. Today, Aoun finds himself being promised the presidency by some of the very figures that refused it back then and thats what I think his motivation is in his completely unequivocal backing of Hizbullah. Even Franjieh, Arslan, and Karami expressed reservations about Hizbullah's recent actions yet he declared it a 'victory' for Lebanon!

    I truly hope that the FPM will be salvaged, though, as I think they would have played a very beneficial role had they not been obsessed with Aoun's presidency. Otherwise, the FPM will become a ghost party like so many others giving a Lebanese face to foreign masters.

  2. "To tell you the truth, there is a lot that can be said about this man"
    The only think I can say about this man is that he almost completely destroyed in the 90's and now he is at it again.
    Screw all of them, let them stay in Doha.

  3. Blacksmith,
    I don't think Aoun ever had any real chance of getting the presidency, not because of any M14 sentiment, but because his current allies cannot trust him to stick to his current pro-Syrian position. There is a risk that they'd put him on the chair and the next day he'll remember that actually his original position was anti-Syrian, and decided to revert to it.

  4. 1) M14 would vote for Aoun as prez before Hezbo and Assad EVER accept him as prez.

    2) Aoun got nothing, zippo form his agreement with Hezbo.

    1) was always obvious, 2) became clear fairly quickly after the agreement.

    The fact that he believes he has a chance, when he NEVER had one, proves the man is a total idiot.

    The mystery is why all the people around him can't break from him or tell the naked emperor the truth. I mean his lieutenants, I know he lost a lot of his popular support.

    FPM had so may opportunities to move to the middle and help start a useful dialog, the idiots botched/rejected every single one of them, and now it's too late.

    Qatar basically told Aoun to bugger off with his stupid demands and there was nothing he could do.

  5. Arabic Coffee Pot2:20 AM

    Aoun is once again going to be [willfully] put in front of the cannon, so to speak, as he becomes the 'sole objector' to points of progress at the talks.

    The idiot General will himself work to avert progress so as to push the presidential void to the 2009 elections at which time - by his retarded calculations - he will win a sweeping elector victory and be placed on the presidential chair.

    This is the moronic strategic we have to contend with.


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