Tuesday, May 13, 2008

...like an old man into a hot bath

Lebanese soldiers in armoured personnel carriers are deployed in Tripoli May 13, 2008. Lebanon's army stepped up patrols on Tuesday as part of a drive to restore order after a week of fighting between Hezbollah fighters and pro-government gunmen. REUTERS/Omar Ibrahim (LEBANON)


  1. Michel Suleiman might be pulling a 'Fouad Shehab' maneuver. Contain the clashes, don't let them spread, but don't stop them. A little while later, he is president. Its what happened under Camile Chamoun's presidency in the 50's when there were rebellions/insurrections popping up in places such as Saida and Hermel and there are some parallels today.

    Another issue, but unrelated... no one's mentioning the Palestinian camps. They are divided between pro-Iran Hamas and co. and the Fatah movements... this means, that should the Palestinian militias enter the fray, they themselves would be split. I really hope this does not happen, but I'm curios as to whats the word on them.

  2. BJ, you may want to check out my angle on Lebanon and the L.A. here.


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