Friday, May 23, 2008

Michel Suleiman: LBC Video Bio + CV


  1. Anonymous3:37 AM

    Army officers in the Lebanese army are usually under achievers with a mediocre intellect. They suffer from a deep inferiority complex vis a vis their civilians peers, which mirrors itself in their behavior against the rest of the society. So I never trust that bunch of incompetents.

  2. Anonymous4:17 AM

    This site is full of people who are defeatists..

    Lets give Lebanon a chance and leave the pessimism @ the door... Lebanon deserves peace.

    The barricades are down, people are starting their lives again and there is a sigh of relief in the country.

  3. Anonymous4:35 AM


    If your priorities are limited to clearing up DT for a big party, then it is all good. However, if you are thinking long term and building a nation of laws and order is the goal, then you may want to reconsider your optimisim

  4. Jimmy4:43 AM


    ...that sounds about right

  5. Yislam timmak Annon1, that is exactly where the problem lies in Lebanon, its people and their shortsightness.
    Mabrook DT is now open so we can all go to Buddha bar and get waisted, life is good again.
    TFEH !

  6. Elias4:45 PM

    Buddha Bar?
    Khoulis iyyemoh, it's full of Arabs there.

    This summer is gonna be hot in Lebanon!

  7. Anonymous4:50 PM

    I'd hate to agree with the second Anonymous user. Cheer up guys. Today is 100X better than last week. And the horizon looks bright and sunny. So lets enjoy what we have. Lebanon is not run by politics, it's run by its people!

  8. True Blue6:51 PM

    We should be happy but we should keep insisting that Hizbullah gives up their weapons! This is a must!!

  9. Just a note, I updated the video of this post so that its longer (now full version of LBC report) and better quality.

  10. Here is a profile of the President as compiled by NOWLebanon.


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