Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Iranian Fighters in Lebanon

Allegations of Hizballah's use of Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRG) in its assault on Lebanon's mountain districts over the weekend have surfaced. The presence of the IRG among the Iranian-backed group's ranks could explain discrepancies in the numbers of militants it reports dead and those reported killed by its foes.

Citing "exclusive sources" in Lebanese Intelligence, Debbi Schlussel - a U.S. based political commentator/columnist - writes [H/T YaLibnan] :
"My exclusive Lebanese Intelligence sources tell me that a number of Hezbollah terrorist fighters have been caught, over the weekend, and they cannot speak Arabic, only Farsi. They are Iranian and have identified themselves or been identified by third parties as members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard."
The story comes on the heals of the arrest of three Iranians (and their Lebanese driver) on charges of monitoring the residence of a leading Christian anti-Syrian politician. That arrest, came less than a week before Hizballah's takeover of the capital Beirut, and its assault on Lebanon's anti-Syrian majority - both in the capital city and out.

It is not the first time the group has been accused of stocking its ranks with Iranian fighters as it is rumored to have employed them throughout the July War conflict with Israel in the summer of 2006.


  1. We already had Iranian fighters in Lebanon, they are called Hizballah.

  2. Unfortunately it is hardly surprising. By the way, the latest "scandale" in the Farsi bloggosphere is that the mayor of Teheran is sending money to Lebanon (and that's certainly not to help the families of Hezbollah 's victims) instead of using tax payer's money to improve Iranian's poor living conditions.

  3. Blacksmiths,

    Forgiving me for saying so, but how idiotic and downright shameful to quote DEBBIE SCHLUSSEL. Come on, guys. A semblance of scrutinizing your sources would go along way! Debbie Schlussel is the most rabid, right-wing, Arab- and Muslim-hating hate monger. A glance at her website will easily show you that. She is a nobody and yet has information that others aren't privvy too?
    She is not taken seriously by anyone in the US, except a fringe group of fanatics (like Daniel Pipes) who think anyone who speaks Arabic is trying to enslave the human race. I know you hate Hezbollah, but Schlussel is akin to quoting Ahmadinejad's diary. Okay? "US- based commentator and columnist?" You should know better. I suspect you do know better, and are letting your anger cloud your better judgement.

  4. ...and that is why, my dear EDB, we didn't ascribe anything more than a 'rumour' tag to this post...

    ...if/when more corroborating evidence presents itself, then it will become more than just rumour. Until then, thats all it is.

    Nevertheless, you have to admit, it wouldn't be much of a surprise if it were true.

  5. Anonymous3:30 PM

    The post is about those Iranian fighters that speak farsi only. The others we already know :)

  6. Anonymous3:36 PM

    نفلا عن موقع 14 آذار الرسمي: من المجموعة التي أسرت في أعالي المرسته وجبيع في أعالي الشوف، تم فك الأسر عن اللبنانيين وأبقي القبض على مجموعة مقاتلين من الجنسية الإيرانيّ

    from lebanese forces site saying the same as here, iranians fighting for hizb

  7. Anonymous10:32 PM

    the rumor is true,


    they captured two iranian OBSERVERS in aley

  8. "they captured two iranian OBSERVERS in aley"______That reminds me of the American advisers in Vietnam.

  9. Blacksmiths,

    Reiterating edb's comment, it is very offensive to me, a supporter of March 14's ideals and values, that Debbie Schlussel was quoted in your posts. Her sole role is to write hatefully about Muslims and Arabs. Citing her (even as rumors...) makes me believe that Blacksmiths has a mindset that allows for sectarian ideas that we thought had receded over the past 18 years and especially so since we took the streets on February and March 14 and the weeks between and after that.

    Debbie is not someone who should be accepted at all in any of the Lebanese mediums, out of respect to ourselves and our friends in Lebanon. She speaks of Muslims as though we are lowly animals.

    I have been reading your blog over the past 3 years and am calling on you to remove this link to her blog, a clear indicator of insensitivity and perhaps support of her portrayals of you and your kin. We are Lebanese and we must stand with one another in front of such spiteful hate-mongers as Schlussel.

    Please take my request as a call for solidarity against foreign agendas against our different parts, a direct disregard for the issues affecting the whole.

    Thank you,

    Danny K
    Washington DC/Beirut


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