Monday, May 12, 2008

Hizballah Returns Lebanon to the Age of Atrocities

Blood stains covers a bullet riddled wall where Druze supporters of Walid Jumblatt were [unconfirmed] executed in cold blood by Hezbollah militiamen in Choueifat - YaLibnan.

While analogies between the violence witnessed in our capital [and its surroundings] over the past six days and the country’s fifteen-year civil war have become commonplace in the consciousness of the Lebanese and the media reports that have accompanied the fighting, it is with a dark realization that the Lebanese are slowly turning to face the true meaning of Hizballah's precipitation of sectarian violence. This, as rumours and reports of sectarian-based massacres begin to permeate the country:

Saturday May 10th – Day 4: A local Shiite shop owner opens fire on a Sunni funeral procession in the mixed [Sunni-Shiite] Tareeq Jdeedeh neighbourhood of Beirut. Two people are reported killed, and six wounded.

Saturday May 10th – Day 4: Following news of the Tareeq Jdeedeh massacre, gun battles erupt between Sunni militants and gunmen loyal to the Hizballah-allied SSNP party in the pre-dominantly Sunni rural district of Akkar. In the town of Halba, an SSNP office is raided resulting in the murder of ten SSNP partisans. Rumours of attempts by Sunni gunmen to enter a hospital [in search of wounded SSNP gunmen] in the district circulate.

Saturday May 10th – Day 4: Following an attempted raid on the pre-dominantly Druze mountain town of Aley by Hizballah militiamen the night before, rumours circulate of the dismemberment of the bodies of at least one Hizballah militant killed in the fighting.

Monday May 12th – Day 6: After a day of intense clashes throughout the Chouf and Aley mountains [including the use of mortar and artillery fire by attacking Hizballah-led militants] rumors emerge of summary executions by the group in the town of Choueifat.

Speaking in a news conference today Hussein Khalil, political assistant to Hizballah chief Hassan Nasrallah, attempted to elicit sympathy for his group and its actions; portraying his militia’s takeover of the capital, bombardment of the mountain, and inciting of an inter-sectarian war between the country’s Sunnis and Shiites as a ‘just’ reaction to the Lebanese government’s shifting of a General from a post and its ordering of an investigation into a communications network.

His words were disgusting. Hizballah’s violent attack on Lebanon, and the humiliating murders, massacres, kidnappings and atrocities that attack has precipitated across all its sects, will be a stain of blood on the group forever. As of today, May 12th 2008, Hizballah’s attack on Lebanon has left at least 200 wounded and over 60 dead ... God rest their souls.


  1. Anonymous12:35 AM

  2. Anonymous2:40 AM

    Thank you so much for your hard work covering the recent events. As for the Free Patriotic Movements that insist on posting ludicrous stories to "justify" what Hezbkhara is doing, ignoring is the best policy. Wonder if they will keep up this "honorable" work when we become the Shiite Republic of Lebanon.

  3. And believe it or not, it hardly makes news here in the West. It is "just another trouble in Beirut"...

  4. Posted and deleted the link above just fyi so you'll get it in your email because I couldn't find it. Atrocities (which in the case of the deleted link, by FM, is confirmed) happens on all sides.

  5. Hey Moussa,

    I didn't check the link because I think I know the video(s) you're talking about. I stumbled onto them video yesterday and I'm we share the same feelings of revulsion and shame at seeing them.

    This post highlighted atrocities committed by both sides - it also expressed my disgust at my country being dragged into this state, and the opening of a path that will most likely, and despite all of our wishes, lead to even more.

    The four events highlighted above occurred over the span of only 5 days of fighting. Five days!!

    God help us

  6. My poor jade, if there is a god (which I doubt), it is an evil one. And those who fight in its name are even worse, because they should no better than killing their human brothers in the name of an evil entity they don't know or understand... :-(

  7. Anonymous10:24 PM

    this is the only m14 blog that talked about halba, and talked about it early.

    i commend u

  8. Anonymous8:01 PM

    15:52 Saad Hariri: What happened in Akkar is well documented . The Future Movement protest was peaceful but gunmen of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party initiated the shooting of citizens protesting in support of Future TV . We have all the pictures on tape to prove who was behind this bloody events in Akkar and Beirut.

    The story presented by Hariri is the same as the one from the 'second-hand' witness from the first link. Except Hariri forget to mention that after the fighting was done the SSNP guys got brutally killed/tortured.

  9. Anonymous11:27 AM

    whoever allies with scums like ja3ja3 and jonblat who have a long bloody well known history of executions and tortures and u name it, must be a scumbag murderer like them . its as simple as that.... im a chrisitan and if lebanon will turn to a shiite state and get rid lebanon of these shit they are welcomed

  10. You mean giving power to Shia warlords torturing murderers? That makes you a poor Christian, I am afraid. Don't take me wrong, everybody knows that warlords on both sides (Berri, Jaja, Jumblatt, Aoun, Nasrallah and so on) committed atrocities and are evil bastards. But one side, namely M14, had agreed to abandon violence and begin playing with the institutions rather than guns. The other side preferred violence. They should not complain too much if violence is then used on them too. I mean, I do condemn the killing and torture of any one. But the one carrying a gun should not complain when a gun is used on him...

  11. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Hariri and his Salafi militiamen, together with Christian thugs loyal to the criminal Samir Ja'Ja must love this blog.

    Hariri reaps what he sows.

    As for Phalangist and Ja'Ja Maronites, maybe you can collude with Israel in another you did in 1982.

  12. Anonymous, go incite your hatred somewhere else.

  13. Arabic Coffee Pot9:48 PM

    While you have your "maybe"s over possible future collusions with Israel, we have everyday collusions by Hizballah, AMAL, the SSNP, the FPM, and the Marada, with the Syrians who kill, assassinate and torture Lebanese to this day! Over 700 Lebanese prisoners in Syria's dungeons!!!!

    So shove it anonymous!!!


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