Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hizballah Goons Turn to Violence Amid Low Turnout

Highlights from today's Hizballah-led violent dirsuptions.

[Courtesy of Naharnet]

6:35 am - Demonstrators burn tires in Ouzai, Qassqass, airport road
6:38 am - Protesters from Downtown tent city close Ring overpass
6:39 am - Airport closed with burning tires
7:00 am - Other roads throughout Beirut closed with burning tires, garbage bins, wrecked/stolen cars, and sand piles used to close roads; “Christian areas” as yet unaffected

8:00 am - Masked gunmen close Salim Salam bridge, come out of Barbour area

8:36 am - Protests turn violent in Cornishe Mazraa as store shop fronts are smashed and a grenade is thrown

9:30 am - Beirut Airport announced cancellation of 32 incoming and outgoing flights
11:00 am - Zghorta province did not take part in the general strike; and schools and businesses were open

10:58 am - Clash in Ras el-Nabaa between M14 supporters and those of M8 quickly quelled by army troops.

11:40 am - Voice of Lebanon: Lebanese troops arrested two Amal movement members from the rooftop of Moazen building in Beirut and confiscated their sniping rifles.

11:45 am - The confrontation intensified between pro-government supporters and opposition partisans in Corniche Mazraa; and troops are firing in the air to disperse the demonstrators.

1:00 pm - Heavy bursts of gunfire is reported in Nwairi neighbourhood and reports of street-to-street fighting in Ras al-Nabaa

2:00 pm - Rocket Propelled Grenades destroy Al Mustaqbal offices in Nwairi, three wounded

3:00 pm Flights resumed at airport
3:20 pm Fighting renewed in Nwairi-Barbour area and Corniche-Mazraa

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