Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fouad Siniora Prime Minister (Again)

"Based on his consultations with members of parliament ... the president has asked Fouad Siniora to form a new government," the presidency said in a statement.


  1. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  2. Nothing special with this. It was just part of the agreement in Qatar.

  3. Anonymous12:40 AM

    Anon 1 I agree.. YES YES YES!!!

  4. Anonymous2:04 AM

    I agree too, YES YES YES :)

  5. Robert3:59 AM

    Whilst Sanioura's ugly face will upset opposition supporters, his 68 votes (the lowest for a Prime Minister in Lebanon's history), and the Doha agreement will render him a bird in a cage with his wings clipped. Can the Prime Minister Sanioura pass any legislation the opposition doesn't approve of? - no !

  6. Anonymous6:27 AM

    The whole point is that Aoun's ugly face is not on the presidency portrait and will never be. Too bad Jebran Bassil's ugly face will show up in the government, he's his uncle best son in law, but a total throw up for most Lebanese .Maybe a few other Aouns will be in government (Salim, Alain, this whole FPM is a Aoun clan, ridiculous): their bald ugly faces are another reason to throw up. Or maybe Abou Jamra: YUKKKK!!!! Those guys in FPM have serious look issues...look at Amine Gemayel, he never goes anywhere without his perfect hair, or Mesbah al Ahdab who even guys vote for his looks....Anyways, it is very entertaining that Martyr Rafik el Hariri, Nassib Lahoud and Jean Obeid (JEAN OBEID FOR GOD'S SAKE !!!!) got more votes than the rotting rabieh general...

  7. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Aoun is irrelevant.. a puppy of hizbollah and out of the whole Doha deal, is the 1 looser!

    He is the vanquished!

    We have a LEBANESE President
    We have a LEBANESE Premier

    There is HOPE for all except AOUN!

  8. Robert needs to expand his knowledge base from Orange Kool-Aid. The 1/3 is only required for "basic national issues" and regular laws and business won't be effected at all.

    I'm in favor of as many of Aoun's orangette goons as possible in the new Government - the uglier, more incompetent, more feudal, more argumentative and rude - the better! Let the voters get a good look at how orangettes act in the Government. They will side with Hezzies on everything. I love it!

    I can't wait for the 2009 elections.

  9. Jimmy5:16 PM

    None of us can wait for the 2009 elections to finally shut that Orange fool up for good!

  10. Anonymous9:37 PM

    A very conservative estimate gives the March 14 coalition at least 74 seats next year...


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